Saturday, June 14, 2008

A real problem

These days I've got lots going on that, as I have mentioned before, I am just not going to talk about on here. But, here's one thing I can share.

I've got a real problem. A fear. A bone crushing fear.

Its a fear of LOST. Yes, the TV show.

Lost is a drug. The stuff in the virtual crackpipe that my sister, my father and my husband are forever hooked to. They get the shakes if they haven't had a hit in a while. There's all this hullabaloo about the season finale and a lot of "Did you see it??? That was AWESOME!!!"
I try not to listen. I am trying to steer clear.
Because, friends, I HAVE had a taste of the addiction that is LOST and I KNOW the sweet high that it brings.
BUT...It always leaves you begging for more.
The painful waiting game when you are waiting for the next episode and then, OH NO, the season is over and now we have to wait.
WHAT WILL WE DO??? HOW can we LIVE without LOST for that long???

Now that I've lost the half of you that only come for updates on the babies and pictures, let me back this train up - because you really care.

When the babies were still in the NICU, Andy - one of Brian's closest friends - the best man in our wedding, in fact - was talking to Brian about this AWESOME TV show.

HAVE YOU SEEN IT? NO? Let me loan season one to you...see if you like it...

This was his smooth dealer/pusher tactic. Casually offering the first 'hit'. No pressure.

So we get the season one DVD box set from our friends and one night when we should have gone right to bed, Brian pops in disc one. Can't sleep. its the weekend. WHY NOT? I pumped and went to bed.
The next day, no big deal. I asked what he thought and he said, "So far, its OK. I'll keep watching and see."
So that night after we came home from NICU, he continued where he left off. I sat down with him. I figured, why not? I am going to sit here and pump. I might as well watch TV.
Oh crap. I am totally confused. I kept asking questions. Silly me sat down to watch a show that you HAVE to watch from the beginning to get the full effect.
So when he went to bed I watched the first eposide. And then the second. And then I caught up to where he was and then HOLY CRAP it was late. I better go to bed. ONE MORE EPISODE. Just. One. More.

I think I began to foam at the mouth.

This was the beginning of something that would consume our home - even with newborn triplets.
Fast forward to a few days later. I would get up early in the morning to use the restroom and who was already awake? That's right. Brian. And what was on the TV? That's right. LOST. I would be like, "HEY, wait for me!!! I can't keep up with you!" But it was too late. He was a junkie. And I was left in the dust. He was getting his fix when he could.
By then he had already told Andy that he was hooked and Andy kindly obliged with more of the good stuff. Season two AND three.


Admittedly, by then I was hooked myself but then the whirwind began...Jackson came home, followed by Alexis and then finally Zachary. I had NO TIME to watch. No one did. But by then, Brian (AND MY SISTER, who was living with us at the time) were so far ahead of me that hearing them talk about it had no spoiler effect since I had NO IDEA what they were talking about. I was still on season two and they had caught up to the real schedule, anxiously waiting for the weekly episode on TV. I would get bits and pieces of an episode, here and there and only while I was pumping. I did not waste precious time that I could be sleeping on anything but sleeping. At that time I was averaging three hours sleep a day. I know. I nearly lost my mind from sleep deprivation. But, I digress.

Fast forward to now. Now, its been so long for me that I think I may have beaten the habit. Now, when I could actually try and catch up by watching a couple of episodes a week - I hesitate. Because I wonder...can I handle getting hooked again? When I was getting hooked, I would actually go to sleep with LOST on the brain. Sure, I had lots going on in my life but LOST would get stuck in my head and would not leave. This stuff is potent, people!
And I've seen what it does to people. After watching a recent season finale, the eyeballs in my sister's and Brian's head had this strange glazed-over look to them. I think they watched the episode TWICE. I am waiting for them to get the shakes from having to wait the entire summer for more. WHAT WILL THEY DO???

The thing is, I still have the DVD box sets that Andy (& Sandy) loaned us. I can't give them back just yet. They lure me with their silent call. Only I can hear it. I can't let go just yet. I can see them now. If I look over, I can see them on the shelf with our other DVDs. They stand out. Its as if they are waiting for me to walk over, pull out a DVD and pop it into the player.
Just one episode. You can go to bed right after that.
But I know its not true.