Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day - More excitement than you can handle!

On Brian’s first father’s day, he didn’t get to sleep in or get home made breakfast. He got to wake up at 7am with me and feed the babies. And then he got to go to the hardware store to buy something he needed to put up the curtains - which until yesterday were hanging on the cornices by binder clips like this:


The whole curtain ‘situation’ has just been the way it is since we moved into this house because:
1. We didn’t have enough panels to cover the new windows and
2. they no longer made the same one in the right color (chocolate brown), so I couldn’t just run out and buy one more panel and
3. One income, three babies, huge increase in rent – buying new curtains was NOT a priority.

So we did this clip-on arrangement to temporarily provide privacy in our living room and its been like this ever since. Until yesterday, that is.
Over the last couple of months I socked away, priced around and with what I saved plus a gift card I had been saving from a birthday I bought new curtains for the living room. It was heartbreaking for me, really. I loved those old curtains. The perfect color. The perfect texture. It broke my heart.

So on Brian’s first Father’s Day, he put up curtains. A new father’s dream, for sure!

Can you HANDLE this excitement?

And then, even more Father’s Day excitement, we gave the babies rice cereal for the first time! It was actually so much fun!
And because he hadn’t done enough, Brian made dinner.
Now before you go saying what a crappy wife I am, know that Brian did exactly what he wanted to do on his day. Besides working around the house, taking care of babies and cooking, he got to nap in front of the air conditioner and get in a little relaxing. AND he got to go fishing for the morning in Santa Barbara with a couple of friends the day before.

And really? This is what we’ve always wanted.
When Brian and I were TTC, we had lots of talks about what kind of home life we wanted to create for our future children. We wanted to create a feeling of closeness and spend lots of time together.
Maybe that’s why yesterday was just fine for us. We had fun with the babies, getting stuff done around the house and eating home made dinner together. Just the five of us. Exactly what we wanted. Although, I promised him that next year we’ll have more fun. I don’t think he minded one bit.

Here’s the BRAND NEW feeding table the Aunty Jenny an AJ bought for the triplets! Can you believe how awesome this is?

Please smile...

act like you don't see the camera...

There is so much giggling and smiling but as usual, as soon as I whip out the camera...everything stops.

Anyway, this gift is truly awesome. We would not have been able to get one of these on our own. I have said it before, but I am just blown away by the generosity of friends and family. Thank you Aunty Jenny!

Check out the first cereal meal – so much fun!

I just love the looks on their faces!!!

And there's our Father's Day for you. More excitement than you can shake a stick at!!! Are you snoring yet?
Happy Father's Day!!!

To my husband – Thank you for being an amazing father and husband. My perfect parenting partner. The babies are so lucky to have a father who is so engaged, loving and affectionate. And I am so lucky to have a parenting partner who is so supportive, involved and in tune with our family. This is what we wanted to create and I am so glad you and I are a team.

And you’re totally a HOT dad.