Tuesday, February 26, 2008

When Zachary came home

So I realized that I never did the post to show Zachary coming home from the NICU!

I had to wait untin the end of the day when Brian came home from work. It was a pretty long day for me at home the Alexis and Jackson and I was EXHAUSTED. Brian rushed home after work to relieve me and I went down to the NICU to pick Zachary up. Brian and I decided not to both go since we would have had to take the babies with us and that would have been just too much. So Brian did the 6pm feeding while I rushed to get Zachary before the NICU closed for evening shift change. It hit me on the way down that this was the last time I would make this drive to visit one of my babies - they would all be home after today! I cried just thinking of it. I was so happy but I was crying from all the other emotions. I felt relieved. I have made this drive to see me babies at least once a day - every day - for over TWO MONTHS. I never anticipated their NICU stay to be so long and I was SO GLAD that it was (almost) over. When I got to the NICU I was in such a hurry. I had no reason to stay anymore. I wanted to get my baby and get the hell out of Dodge. But then so many people wanted to say Goodbye. So many of the nurses became our friends during the two months with our babies there. They were so happy for us. I walked over to Zachary's bed and it felt so strange that my babies didn't inhabit that wall of the NICU anymore. Zachary had new 'neighbors' to his left and right. It wasn't Alexis in her crib to his left and Jackson in his crib to the right. The space that had become like a second living room to me and Brian had become foreign again. My babies were home where they belonged and Zachary was on his way too! He was due for a feeding so I gave him his last feeding in the NICU and then I got him changed into his outfit to bring him home.

Last picture of me with Zachary in the NICU. I can't wait to go home!

Zachary all strapped in and ready to go!
Zachary's first bath at home. He LOVED IT!
Everyone together in their crib in birth (ABC) order, of course :)
And before I go, one cute shot of Jackson's tummy-time. Too cute!
Gotta go...I'm tired!
Much Love,