Friday, February 8, 2008

At home with Alexis

Alexis came home on February 2 and it has been quite an exciting past few days. I think the neighbors all knew she was home without my having to tell them. SHE IS SO LOUD. HOLY CRAP.

Here's me holding both Alexis and Zachary the day we brought Alexis home. I bawled, as you may be able to tell by my swolen eyes. I absolutely HATED leaving Zachary there all by himself.

Me saying goodbye to Zachary. I could NOT stop crying.
My sweet Zachary looking at my picture in his crib.

Finally ready to go. By this time, Alexis was out cold and slept all the way home. Alexis and her Halmoni (Grandma)

Alexis looking up and loving the attention she gets at home.
Alexis and Jackson napping.

You can see the cords to their monitors - no fun. But the good thing is the monitors allow us to lay them on their tummies to sleep - a big no-no with the whole 'back to sleep' thing. This makes a world of difference with their preemie reflux - MUCH LESS screaming and fussing.

A close-up of sleepy Jackson.

Jackson had a huge blowout while sitting on my lap. GROSS! Look at this pic of his onesie after the event. Brian just had to have a picture - so nasty!! We promptly gave him a bath right after that mess!

Even though it is so much work, I am glad Alexis is home and I look forward to bringing Zachary home very soon. Its definitely challenging but I know this is temporary and that once we get through this adjustment period and solidify the routine (once everyone is home) it will start to be more manageable. Not easier, but more manageable. I know it will still be difficult but I think once I am no longer going to the hospital every day I may be able to get more sleep. I usually go to visit Zachary and deliver milk during one of the feedings in the evening when I've got help. Once he is home and I eliminate these trips, I may be able to sleep during these times instead of driving down to the hospital. That will make a HUGE difference.

Wednesday was insane as Alexis and Jackson had 2 doctor's appointments (pediatrician and opthamologist) in the same day. NEVER AGAIN. MY sister was an amazing help and it was quite a team effort to pull this off - especially with our every 3 hour feeding schedule. I have to say, that the babies were excellent at both appointments. I expected craziness at each appointment but it never happened. They slept through both of them. It was only when the opthamologist dilated their eyes and examined them that they even squawked a little. But then they went right back to sleep. Especially shocking with Alexis - miss vocal. :) It was a really tough day and I am glad that its over. Unfortunately, I need to take them back next week for their shots.

Before I go, here are their weights:

Alexis - 5lbs. 13. oz - she is still wearing preemie size diapers and clothes
Zachary - 8 lbs - he is in Newborn diapers
Jackson - 9lbs 13 oz - he is in size 1 diapers

With all 3 in different sizes, I have to keep quite organized with all the diapers and clothes. I've got a small, medium and large baby!