Thursday, February 14, 2008

Guess who's coming home TODAY!!!

It's Zachary! YAY!!!!

Jackson & Alexis had their immunization shots on Tuesday and I don't know who cried harder...them or me.
Their weights were 10lbs, 9 oz for Jackson and 6 lbs 3oz for Alexis. Zachary is just under 9 lbs! My babies are getting big!
I am having problems with getting Jackson's second monthly Synagis shot (vaccination for RSV) approved and he is overdue. This is the same provider group that deemed my pregnancy 'not high risk enough' to see a perinatologist. Needless to say, I am frustrated and will be hyper-vigilant about who comes around the babies. It was so awful at the pediatrician's office with all the sick little kids coughing and sneezing around my babies! Luckily they let us go to a 'well' waiting room and we were the only one's waiting in there.

It is 7am and I am exhausted from someone's 4 hour crying/screaming marathon (which resulted in some tears of my own) so I will make this super short and leave you with these pictures from this week:



Jackson chillin and Alexis screaming

Much Love,