Saturday, September 25, 2010

An Incomplete Update

An Incomplete Update

...Incomplete because I have no images for you.  I realize that you have been waiting on us to post ultrasound images and I will do it - I PROMISE - but there was an issue with the format of the video and compressing it and...i don't exactly know because that's Brian's department.  Stuff like this always takes longer than we want it to and with ALL OUR FREE TIME...well, you know.  I think "we will get it done tomorrow", but then tomorrow is actually a day full of all the usual stuff and me on my feet at work til 10pm and everything else just falls off the plate.  It's coming.  I promise.

Nothing back yet on the job interview from last week.  I think I've chewed all of my fingernails down to the quick because I am SO good at being patient and letting things happen.  NOT obsessing at all.

R i g h t.

The pregnancy is moving right along.  I am a little over 21 weeks and I am still in shock sometimes.  My belly is just as big now as it was at 21 weeks with triplets.  I don't get it.  This baby (let's call her Bonus Baby) is a kicking machine!  She seriously doesn't stop moving.  Which is W O N D E R F U L.  Sometimes she kicks so hard it feels somthing like an electric shock.  I don't know how else to explain it.  And the somersaults - like everything turning inside out inside of me.  Such a strange feeling.  I LOVE feeling my baby move inside of me.  I savor every single kick, and wiggle.  I KNOW I will miss this very much.

I am still working, but only three nights a week (instead of four).  It is good because I don't think I could handle any more since I am SO PHYSICALLY exhausted after 8 hours on my feet each night.  But, it's really scary because that's FOUR days of pay that I am no longer earning each month.  I didn't know it could get tighter, but it has.

If you are my friend on Facebook then you know we went SWAGGER last week.  If you don't know what that means I am gonna give you a moment to watch this video.  I'll wait. 

I NEVER thought I would own a minivan.  NEVER.  NEVER EVER EVER.  But then we had a gaggle of babies at once and I thought that it was MAYBE in our future.  And THEN I got pregnant with #4 and reality hit. 

Where the heck are we gonna put this baby???

We have NO ROOM for the new baby in either of our vehicles.  We barely have room for the kids we already have!  So we started looking for what we could afford and praying that we would find something reasonable. 
We got more than we dreamed of.  Long story short, a generous family member asked us if they could help us with a car that would safely fit all of our children.  Pride aside, we knew that this was an answer to prayer and would be best for our family.  I am still so overwhelmed by the generosity of our loved ones and by how loved and prayed for our family is.  Life isn't always comfortable but we are richly blessed with love that surrounds us.  I really feel that.  If you are one of the folks praying for us, "Thank you!"  I am so grateful!  Oh, and I LOVE my minivan.  I cannot believe I did the first 2.5 years with triplets without one!  If you've got 2+ kids, its a MUST!

It's 1AM and although Bonus Baby will be kicking the crap out of me for a long time, I MUST at least try and get some sleep.  There's your update for now.  Please keep praying for us.  Hopefully next post I'll have ultrasound images and job news. :)