Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's A.....

It's A......


Hey Everyone! I know it is LATE LATE LATE and most of you are already sleeping. So sorry I haven't updated sooner. Today was SUCH a busy day and I am exhausted! I'll have Brian upload the ultrasound video and pics tomorrow. In the meantime I thought I would at least spare you the suspense and tell you that everything went very well, everyone is healthy, my cervix is LONG (NO BEDREST - YAY!!!) and we are right on track for a January 31 due date. We are SO excited to have another girl. Alexis will have a sister! :) We've already got a couple of names that we are thinking about, but we're keeping that a secret until we decide ;)
Brian also had a job interview this morning. It went well (I think?) - it was over one hour and fifteen minutes long - I almost had to leave for the ultrasound without him! There are several other candidates going for the position so we are remaining cautiously optimistic. Please keep our family in your prayers!

Ultrasound video next time - stay tuned!