Monday, September 27, 2010

22 Weeks Belly Shot - Bonus Baby!

22 Weeks Belly Shot - Bonus Baby!
We haven't exactly been documenting this pregnancy like we did the last one.  Not that it isn't exciting or important.  It's just that...who has time?!?!  But I figured I better start taking belly shots so I can have the memory for us and for the kids (if they even end up reading this blog when they grow up!).
Here's my 22 week singleton belly!
I realize that I look almost as big this time at 22 weeks as I did with triplets at 22 weeks.  They say you pop sooner and grow bigger the second time around - who knows.  I feel MUCH better this time around.  I am not in constant pain like last time.  This is a piece of cake compared to carrying triplets!  Last time I was in MISERY by 22 weeks.  UGH!
Here's my 22 week TRIPLETS belly.  MISERY!
20 week ultrasound images are still coming. I know, I know.