Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's A Girl, NO...Boy...NO, really...it's a GIRL!

It's A Girl, NO...Boy...NO, really...it's a GIRL!

I just got home from an appointment with Dr. Lantry and I am still giggling because there was a little confusion during my appointment today.  When I got there and was talking to my nurse she said that the report from my 20 week ultrasound with Dr. DeVore said that Bonus Baby is a BOY, not a girl as we have believed for the last 2 weeks.  Turns out that it was just an error and that #4 really IS a girl, but for a while I was not so sure!  Funny thing is I wasn't disappointed to hear it was a boy.  I was excited and happy!  This pregnancy has been such a surprise blessing - I really don't care either way about the sex of the baby.  I like the idea of 2 boys & 2 girls and I LOVE the idea of Alexis having a sister (I LOVE MY sister!), but I was surprisingly pleased when I thought it was a boy.  It's a WIN-WIN people!  I get to be pregnant with a singleton - something I thought would never happen.  I am so grateful and excited about this baby coming.  Brian and I are really happy.  As you know that's NOT how he felt in the beginning, but as the shock wore off, we have become so excited about having another baby.  We can't wait to see how the triplets are with a little baby sister!  Brian even added "Baby Sister" to the kabies' nightly prayers.  It melted my heart to hear that HE WAS THE ONE to think of it, not me.
Now their nightly prayers go like this:

"Dear Jesus, 
Thank you for Mommy 
Thank you for Daddy
Thank you for Mimi (Alexis)
Thank you for Zacky (Zachary)
Thank you for Jackson
Thank you for Baby Sister

Hearing him say their prayers with them every night (the nights I'm not working) MELTS my hormonal heart!  Sooooo excited to see this caveman with a new little baby.  :)

The appointment went well.  No ultrasound but we did hear the heartbeat.  I haven't been worried at all because I feel her kicking me NON STOP all day/night.  I wonder when this baby sleeps.  She is a feisty one!  Zachary was the feisty one in utero but has turned out to be the mellow one after being born.  Let's hope Bonus Baby turns out mellow too.  I don't know if I can keep up with another feisty one! 
I asked Lantry if I could go back to exercising and even running around the Rose Bowl again while pushing the triple stroller.  She said it was NO problem, as long as I don't let my heartrate go over 140BPM.  This was great news!  Now I need maternity workout clothes.  I can no longer fit in any of my running shorts.  Do they even make maternity running shorts?  Something to look into!

Otherwise the pregnancy is going very well.  I have some minor issues but NOTHING compared to last time.  This is a piece of cake compared to last time and I joke that I could do this 100 more times!  Brian does NOT laugh when I say that ;)  In reality I am very happy with four kids.  I wouldn't mind be pregnant again but I am done having more kids.  Maybe surrogacy is in my future?  Hmmmmmm...

I gotta go throw something  in the washing machine before the kids wake up from nap.  thanks for the love and support and please continue to keep our family in your prayers!

P.S.  I will be shifting over to blogger comments soon.  Hopefully that will resolve the issues that so many of you report having with not being able to leave comments.  Sorry about the problems - hopefully the switch will resolve all of that.