Wednesday, December 15, 2010

33 Weeks And A Quick Update

33 Weeks And A Quick Update
I am just over 33 weeks pregnant and I am on my way out the door to see Dr. Lantry to check on Bonus Baby Girl, but I wanted to quickly post something.  I realize that I've been terrible at blogging the details of this pregnancy.  But know that no news is good news! 
The triplets turned 3 on December 11!  I can't even believe it!  We aren't having their big birthday party until summer - a Half-Birthday Party!  We figured it will be much less stressful then:  I won't be 8+ months pregnant, We won't be right before Christmas, and we will have great weather for an OUTDOOR party so we can make the best use of the yard and have more fun!  They don't know the difference at this age so we should be all good.  We ARE having dinner at my parent's house this weekend to celebrate, but it's just us and a couple of their favorite adults - no party.  Gotta run but here's a few shots of their squishy faces from playing outside this afternoon.  :)



Oh, and a few of you asked if I was having a shower.  Initially there wasn't one planned.  It's tacky to throw your own shower so I wasn't even going there.  And I figured since it's not my first pregnancy I wouldn't get one.  As time passed, however, we quicly realized that we REALLY needed stuff.  Remember, we have hardly ANY baby stuff because we gave it all away - WE REALLY THOUGHT WE WERE DONE HAVING MORE BABIES!   Hahah - it still cracks me up to think about it :)
Anyway, so my sister is throwing me a small impromptu shower with just a handful of people, mostly work friends.  I'm thinking we'll have to have a shower AFTER the baby is born so we can make sure to invite everyone.  So please don't feel left out.  This was kindof a last minute deal since I really thought we weren't going to have one and at a rough time of year (during the holidays) so it's small and fast.  And it's RIGHT before my due date.  Let's hope and pray that I don't go into labor before then!  ;)