Wednesday, January 5, 2011

36 Weeks!

This past Monday I hit the 36 week mark! So crazy to think that I have three kids and have never been this pregnant before! Although I am HUGE, I am still no where near as big as I was near the end with the triplets. And I still have the loose skin to prove it - Nice image in your head now, right? ;)
This pregnancy has truly flown by - especially since I only knew about it 18 weeks ago! I already regret not taking more pictures so tonight I grabbed Brian as soon as he came home from work and told him to take a couple photos. These are with my camera phone (our camera is still being dealt with!!!) so they're not the best but they're better than nothing.
Getting all 3 to smile is nearly impossible nowadays so I take what I can get!

Healthwise, pregnancy is going swimmingly.  No gestational diabetes, no high blood pressure - just and enormous baby (and enormous mommy)!  The doctor was shocked when the gestational diabetes test results came back to show that I did NOT have gestational diabetes.  Based on my weight gain and the size of the baby it was almost just assumed that I had it!   THANKFULLY I am in the clear!
I just worked my last night on New Year's Eve.  I was hoping to be able to go longer but being on my feet for 8 hours a night after caring for three 3-year-olds was too much and the doctor pulled me!  I would definitely still be working if I had a desk job (and NO kids at home to wear me out!) that's for sure.
I have definitely reached the point of discomfort, but I really can't complain because this is still beyond easy compared to last time.  I am very grateful for this!  I have the typical end of pregnancy issues:  belly button pain, indigestion, sleep issues, back pain, hip pain, swelling, numbness, etc.  Nothing to worry about!
The kids and I were all sick over Christmas and New Years which made it really rough, but we survived and it looks like we're all in the clear now.
I have to admit, we are no where near ready for this baby. No birth plan.  My bag is not packed.  Nothing washed.  Have not gotten anything ready.  Don't even have any furniture.  Anything we have is still in bags/boxes.  And people keep asking me, "don't you have everything left over from the triplets?"  The answer is "NO!"  We gave it ALL AWAY because we thought we were done having kids!  It still cracks me up! ;)  I DO have lots of donated newborn clothes, blankets, a swing, carseat, boppy and 2 pack-n-plays.  Thank goodness!  If worse comes to worse, she can sleep in the pack-n-play.  I'm not even worried about it anymore.  I can't think too far ahead, and for a planner like me - that is a big deal.  I had to let go.  The stress of where the money/time/energy would come from is not mine to carry.  I surrendered it (MOSTLY) because I have faith that everything will just come together.  It always does.  Not always the way I would plan for it...but it still works out.

NAMES - People keep asking and I am sorry to say we do NOT have a name chosen.  We are down to 2 names though.  He prefers one and I prefer another.  I am considering putting a poll up on the side of the blog to see what people think, but then I don't know if I want everyone's opinions!  And, boy do people have opinions when you're pregnant!  Maybe I'll ask for votes at my shower :)

My sister is throwing me a small shower in a few days and I am looking forward to seeing some friends that I haven't seen in a long time.  I think I mentioned in a previous post, we had to keep it small so please don't feel bad if you didn't receive an invitation.  We are hoping to do another get together sometime in the spring after the baby is born.  That will just be easier for all of us. 
I need to run and make dinner but I am so glad I forced myself to sit and type out a quick update.  I need to be a better blogger!
Thanks for checking in and stay tuned!!!

P.S.  I feel weird/tacky posting this but many of you have been asking so here you go - We are registered at babiesrus under "Cindy Spayth".  Thank you!