Sunday, December 5, 2010

32 Weeks Pregnant - for the first time EVER!

32 Weeks Pregnant - FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!
I meant to write this post a few days ago but then - I mean, REALLY do I need to explain?
This past week has been such an important one for me as I passed the 31 Week & 4 Days pregnant mark. That gestation is so important to me because that is when my triplets were born! My water broke at 31 Week & 3 Days but I had a full stomach so they had to wait several hours to section me (I had a full stomach of Panda Express, I believe). The babies arrived at 5:50AM, 5:52AM and 5:57AM on December 11, 2007, which means their THIRD Birthday is in less than a week. I CANNOT BELIEVE MY BABIES will turn THREE YEARS OLD. How did this happen???

Anyway, it's crazy to think that I've never been 'this pregnant' before. I HAVE NEVER BEEN 8 MONTHS PREGNANT before today. This pregnancy is SO SO SO different. It's so easy! Last time I was DYING and in tears near the end and in so much physical pain and LOSING MY MIND. This time, I'm chasing 3 VERY ACTIVE toddlers, working a couple nights a week (ON MY FEET!) and having no real problems at all. I am so grateful for this experience. It's like God knew that deep in my heart I always wanted to know what it felt like to carry "JUST ONE" and here I am!
Don't get me wrong, I am TIRED and clumsy and swolen and achy and uncomfortable - all those usual third trimester things. But these are not problems - just reminders that the baby and I are getting BIG!
And speaking of BIG, my belly is ginormous. Of course, NO WHERE NEAR as big as I was with the triplets, but still I am HUGE for being 8 months pregnant! And BOY is everyone letting me know. It's amazing what strangers say - THINK before you speak, people!
I am no where near prepared for this baby. I have not purchase one thing. And, contrary to what you may think - we dont have ANY baby stuff. Not one onesie or sock or anything. Actually we DO have a carseat, a couple of pack-n-plays, a swing (which I pretty much never used with the triplets) and a jumperoo. I gave EVERYTHING else away because we thought we were done! Although I am such a planner, I just couldn't freak out about it. There's enough to do around here! For now, we're switching some rooms around to make a room for the baby. I just hope this baby stays cooking for MANY weeks to come because we've got a lot of getting ready to do!
I've got so much more but I need to get to the things on my list and the steaming piles of laundry while I still have the energy.