Thursday, August 26, 2010

Holy Crap - Part 1

Holy Crap - Part 1

Well, slap me in the face and call me Shirley!

I didn't sleep much last night. Here's why:

And because I didn't believe it, I took the second one:

And then I still couldn't believe it, so I drove to the drug store in the middle of the night and bought this one:

Because I apparently needed it spelled out IN WORDS.

To answer your questions:

YES, these are mine. This is not a joke (I would NOT joke about this).

Yes I am sure. It was confirmed at the doctor's office today.

No, we were NOT trying. If you read the last few posts you will see that this is not what we would have chosen as the best timing. But we are grateful.

We are still in SHOCK, to say the least.

Your prayers are much appreciated. First ultrasound next week. stay tuned!