Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Its Almost Funny

I apologize again for the delay in posting. Brian is home. UCLA neurologist ROCKED and we feel we really have a better sense of what may be going on with him. UCLA neurologist seems to think it may NOT have been a TIA (although it is still on the list of considerations) but more likely a complex migraine (not to be confused with "common migraine" or "classic migraine"). It's not a definitive diagnosis by any means. In fact, TIA is still on the table (although very low on the list) as well as seizure disorder. The current working diagnosis, however, is complex migraine. These are commonly mistaken for strokes and TIAs because the symptoms can be so similar.
He has further testing to do (EEG and a sleep study - to see what is going on inside his brain while he sleeps since two of his 'episodes' seem to have started right after waking up) and we look forward to the answers that these may provide. Thank you all for your concern and prayers and encouragement!

As if we haven't spent ENOUGH time in hospitals, I actually just got home from a fun night in the Emergency Room. Diagnosis: Conjunctivitis (AKA Pink Eye). Because things haven't been crazy enough - IT'S ALMOST FUNNY.

The ER doctor says it is very likely that I got it this afternoon when I was at the DMV. Makes sense. TOTAL BUMMER THOUGH! I've been prescribed a pain medication (this stuff really hurts!) and antibiotic drops. I am PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING that the babies stay healthy. God help me if I end up with three crusty eyed toddlers. This stuff is extremely contagious but I am crossing my fingers that they steer clear of it. YUCK!!!

It has been a while since I've posted an unflattering picture of myself. Don't you remember the hobbit feet? Or the super sexy stretch marks close-ups? How about this conversation in which I was hell bent on sharing the saggy bag-o-skin my triplet pregnancy left me (still gonna TOTALLY post a pic someday...maybe a pre-tummy tuck pic)? Here's a real beauty for you. No makeup. Just got home from Emergency Room. 2am with pink eye. Nothing is hotter, I tell you.

I can't really describe the funk coming out of my eyes. Truly unpleasant. I had no idea that pink-eye actually HURT. You learn something new every day :)

Back to Brian...I'll let you know more as we know more. For now, I am grateful that he is healthy and that we seem to be moving in a good direction with great doctors!

Thanks for checking in :)