Monday, November 19, 2007

28 weeks – another LONG post

28 weeks is a BIG viability milestone and we are so grateful to be here! We are in the third trimester! This seemed so far off months ago and now here we are with no major problems. The babies are doing great!
Actually its 28weeks & 3 days. I know, I know…I’ve been a bad blogger! Let me get you caught up.

Tuesday – GI appointment day:
The appointment with the gastroenterologist was good. The liver dysfunction thing is basically that my liver is tired and acting like any liver would in a body that has gained a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. The gastroenterologist was not concerned since I am going to be losing the extra weight (having the babies) and this is just temporary. In the meantime the babies and I are not in any danger. Though the labs show very slightly elevated numbers, nothing shows to be detrimental in any way and I am good to go. This was fantastic news. Besides the allover itching, no real problems should arise from this. My mom took me straight from this appointment to get me some delicious food and frozen yogurt. YUM! Then it was back home to rest and finish packing for the hospital.

Wednesday - Lantry appointment and back to the hospital (or so I thought):
Apparently, I am doing better than expected at this point, especially in light of how sick I was a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t realize until now how worried they were that I would go into labor a couple of weeks ago (which would explain having those betamethozone steroid shots to strengthen the babies lungs so early on).Before hospital day came, I had been mentally preparing and emotionally gearing up for what Lantry said was the inevitable date for my real hospital bedrest. A few tears later I got my ‘big girl panties’ on and was ready to go. Wednesday morning I was all packed and ready to be in the hospital for the long haul. I had my books, bill paying stuff, computer, thank you cards, pillows, toiletries, some comfy loungy clothes, squishy socks, etc…all ready to go. Pam packed up the car and off we went to my appointment with Lantry.

In the backyard for one last pic before the hospital:
Of course we had to stop by the Goldstein’s bagel bakery drive-thru and get me a chocolate chip bagel for breakfast – yum! So we saw Lantry and to my surprise she was very pleased at how well I was doing. For example:

-My liver is fine.
-I am measuring 43 weeks pregnant (although I FEEL 43 months pregnant!).
-The babies look good and were all active in the ultrasound.
-My BP is still great – 110/68.
-No protein in my urine.
-I gained 7 lbs since last seeing her (gained back the 4 from being sick and 3 more for fun – ha). I was so relieved! That’s 43 lbs overall gain. I never in my life imagined I would break 200 but here I am and I am so glad! But, WOW, do I feel it in my knees, lower back and my bones! Its amazing what extra weight will do to these areas in such a short period of time.

She was so pleased. Her attitude seemed to change from the “I am just trying to get you to 28 weeks” place she was at last time (I guess my being so sick really worried her) to this new “let’s get you to 34-35 weeks” place. I guess I have done a good job ‘bedresting’ and listening to my body.
She laughed at my answers to her ‘how are you doing’ type questions. Miserable but happy – both at the same time - is the best way I can put it. And more miserable is what I can expect. But the most important thing is that as miserable as this is getting for me, there is nothing wrong and nothing that puts me or the babies in danger. This was great news! She said that even though we thought this was the day to admit me, she just didn’t see a good enough reason to admit me now – I am doing too well! She said she wants to keep me at home until the Monday after Thanksgiving, which would put me at about 3 weeks since I’ve been seen by DeVore and that’s when he wanted to see me anyway. I was taken aback because I had just gotten myself so geared up to be admitted. Not that I wanted to be in the hospital, but I wanted to be sure it was best for the babies for me to be going back home instead of being admitted. She sensed my hesitation and said she would admit me if that’s what I wanted but then my sister gave me the “are you crazy??” look and I knew I had to listen. Later on I told my sister that I just wanted to be sure I was doing what was best for the babies and not just what would be most comfortable for me and she helped me remember that Lantry has this in mind and would not do anything to jeopardize the babies’ health. DER, like I didn’t know that but I guess I needed to hear it and have my sister knock me in the head a bit.
Lantry then sent me across the hall for a non-stress test for the babies and said she wanted me to get them twice weekly from here on out. The NST was just fine and the babies looked great and were very active. Let me tell you, if you ever have to sit in a hospital in and uncomfortable position for an hour, my sister is the BEST person to have with you. I thought the nurse was going to get annoyed with me because the monitors kept moving since Pam had me laughing so hard. Tears were coming down my face and I could not control myself. She is insane! What a wonderful release of stress – Laughter really is the best medicine!

These shots are from Pam standing on a chair and making me laugh while trying to take overhead pics. Although the grimacing LOOKS like pain, its actually uncontrollable laughter:

Here's the belly with all 4 monitors - one for contractions and 3 for the babies! The stretchmarks are HOT.
Then we were off …I got to leave! Wonderful surprise! I was starving so my sister and I went to Gelson’s to pick up lunch and I tell you I think my salad was 10 lbs, no joke. I ate the WHOLE thing (along with asparagus soup, ice cream, and other food from home) and then passed out IN MY OWN BED and stuffed like a pig. It was wonderful!!!

Thursday - Although I was so glad to be home, the next day was a tearful blur. I am just so hormonal and uncomfortable and tired of feeling pregnant. I was miserable and tired and in pain. Of course I was crying to Brian in the phone and he was so sweet, even though he was sitting in traffic and spent almost 7 HOURS round trip commuting that day since he had to be in San Diego for work. L.A. to San Diego and back – not the drive you want to make during rush hour on a Thursday. And just to come home to a blubbering mess. Yikes! Anyway, as far as my boo-hooing and physical discomfort, this was one of those “some days are better than others” moments I was told about. Luckily, my mom brought me some dinner and watched me eat while I cried. I was so pathetic!

Friday - Luckily I felt much better by Friday morning and actually said ‘yes’ to friends stopping by and visiting which was wonderful. It was a long day (no nap!) but it felt really good to see people again.

Saturday - Saturday morning I had my glucose tolerance test (results next week) which was yucky but no big deal. I don’t know what was worse, fasting without even water for over 8 hours OR drinking that sugar solution on an empty stomach. Blechrgblarguhhggh. Afterward, we visited with our parents, and it was back home in bed for me. Brian, of course worked his butt off the rest of the day with the grocery shopping, laundry, house cleaning, etc. while I lay on my side in bed, cooking the babies. What a good hubby. We had an incredible dinner later in the evening (more Korean BBQ - thanks mom!!!) so he didn’t have to worry about making dinner too.

Sunday – I spent the day watching football on the couch while Brian took a well deserved break for a few hours. Thankfully he was able to get to the lake and do some fishing and have some much needed time to relax. It was a pretty good day for me until the evening. I suddenly started feeling a little funny in my stomach. Before I knew it, I was puking my brains out. After the vomit fest, I felt better and went right to bed. I must have eaten something that didn’t sit too well.

So how am I doing now? I am feeling crappy but I am hanging in there. Every day really is so different.
I am having more contractions but they’re still OK and not coming in any measurable pattern.
I’m itchy all over. Not too bad, but I actually took a benadryl Saturday night b/c I was too itchy to sleep.
I am tired. So very tired. And not sleeping well since I am just too uncomfortable.
My belly is starting to hurt again as the skin is having another stretch spurt. The babies have finally changed from growing up and down (there is no room!) and are now going OUT again. Although this is a relief to my lungs and ribs, let me tell you I can’t stand how painful it is on my skin. I keep it oiled up as best as I can. I am praying that it is less painful than the last outward stretch spurt where part of my skin actually BLED. I can’t get that stain out of my white tank top. :(
But, its all for good reason and I will deal with myself. As long as my babies continue to grow GROW GROW and everyone is healthy, I will find a way to manage. That is one of my prayers everyday – not for things to be easy but for me to be able to cope. I know that I have been equipped or am being equipped with everything I need to deal with all of the hard stuff and that I just need to have faith, stay positive, cry when I need to, not feel too bad about having tough days and being so emotional, let things people say roll right off of me, not feel bad about needing so much help, and try and enjoy the good stuff.

We are enjoying watching the babies roll and push around. Its crazy how lopsided my belly gets when they get going! Baby B (who has somewhat changed places with baby C but we’re just going to keep referring to them by the original letters) sticks what looks like his butt out and it makes a ball on my belly. So funny!

Although this pregnancy is getting harder, each day that the babies are growing inside of me and continue to be healthy is a gift. I can’t wait to see them!

Now, on to 28 week pictures!

Let's start with the worst one. I hate these belly close-ups:
Trying to smile - its too heavy!

OK, he finally got me laughing. Here's a real smile:
I have been told by both friends and family who have seen me that these pictures do not do justice to how big I actually look in person. I wish I could capture the true girth of the belly on camera!
Like always, we really appreciate all your support and love! It really helps, especially on meltdown days. :)
Have a great week everyone!
Much Love,