Saturday, November 1, 2008

Triplets First Halloween

Triplets First Halloween

The babies had a busy first Halloween!
I loaded them in the truck and took them to Brian's company Halloween party and costume contest. I would LOVE to show you some of the pictures of Brian dressed in his costume, but he says NO WAY.

Kinda like when I wanted to post pictures of the fanny pack.

Just to give you an idea of what you're missing...he was one of the Spice Girls for Halloween.

I am not joking. It was AWESOME.

The babies freaked out a little when we got there - a bunch of strangers in costume is definitely enough to cause a little anxiety - but then they were fine and we had a great time. They didn't seem to be freaked out at seeing their Daddy wearing makeup and a dress.

Jackson with Vianey

Mr. Flirty pants Jackson found himself a new lady friend - Corinne. Their interaction was SO CUTE!
Jackson with Ana and Mary

Zachary with Lori

Later on in the evening we got them dressed up in their costumes (you've already seen them) and took them Trick or Treating on our street.

Here's Jackson with his Emo (my sister, Pamela).

My Giraffe, Zachary loving his bumble bee Emo. She looked so cute as a bumble bee!

The whole zoo with Emo

My next door neighbor has her front yard all decorated and we tried to get a couple of shots with the babies. They were NOT having any of it!

They hated the crunchy leaves - SO FUNNY!

An unhappy Giraffe (Zachary), An unsure Monkey (Alexis) and a ticked off Elephant (Jackson)

Hope you had a fun Halloween!