Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday Weigh-In

Wednesday Weigh-In

Yes, you are correct, its actually Thursday. Let me just say that in the term “Wednesday Weigh-In”, I use the word “Wednesday” loosely. Thursday is right next to Wednesday right? CLOSE ENOUGH.

In all seriousness, I did truly have intentions of posting yesterday – as I told you I would – but it fell off my ‘plate’ and I got busy, got tired…and then it got late. Story of my life, I know.

OSB – Don’t ask me how, but I somehow lost two pounds. I can take NO CREDIT for this loss because when I was sick my diet consisted of whatever tasted good to me. The problem is that the only things that tasted good were:
!. French fries
2. Ice Cream

Maybe the sporadic exercise has actually helped and is just showing up now. Maybe.

And speaking of sporadic exercise, I have really only been walking – no running. The C25K is HARD. I have not given up. I can’t give up. I have to do this. I want to do this. I have gotten so discouraged and LAZY (that’s right…I own it).

Exercise has always been such a hard thing for me. I KNOW its good for me. I feel GREAT when I do it. I notice changes in my body almost immediately when I am consistently exercising. But, I lose steam. I haven’t found a way to KEEP IT UP.

And it’s a vicious cycle. I don’t exercise because I am tired. I am tired because I don’t exercise.

I know that I should be getting up before the babies instead of trying to exercise after they’ve gone to bed but…ARE YOU SERIOUS? The idea of getting up any earlier than I do makes me more tired.
Oh look, I am falling asleep now. No, seriously.

I have had some success going walking with them in the afternoon. I just wear Alexis and push the boys in the double stroller. Now that they’ve really dropped the third nap, I have so much more freedom to go walking with them. But that is not consistent either. It depends on what we’ve got going on.
Here’s the thing. I am a schedule person. So I should just schedule exercise and stick to it vehemently the way I stick to their naps and feedings etc. Maybe that will force me to plan for it instead of trying to squeeze it in.

I am tired of feeling crappy. I really am. My whole goal of getting “HOT by their first birthday” is not looking so good.

I have such a long list. Adding another regular thing seems so difficult because I am already squeezing to get my stuff done as it is.
Perspective: I am still working on replying to e-mails I received months ago. Also, I am just now getting thank you cards out….from A YEAR AGO.
Not to mention the bill paying, meal planning, coupon organizing, toilet cleaining, laundry, budget planning, attempted baby food making, lame attempt at keeping my house clean and organized...all while they are sleeping. Forget how I am running around while they are awake.

You get the picture. I know I am no different than any of you. We all do a lot, whether we work outside of the house or stay home. My questions do I add exercise to the mix and stay on it?

You exercising moms out there…HOW DO YOU DO IT CONSISTENTLY? What did you do to make it a priority? What keeps you going? Do you love to exercise? Or do you hate it as much as I do and just push through? Aren’t you tired? Give it to me real, sisters.