Tuesday, October 28, 2008

General Updateyness

General Updateyness

Its been so long since I’ve really updated you. Where do I begin?
Firstly, the whole potential nap situation I told you about? CRISIS AVERTED. Thank Goodness. I was SO afraid that I was going to have to make some drastic changes around here but, thankfully, things are back to normal (for NOW, at least). One day, they just started napping again. I attribute the temporary nap issues I was having to THREE things:
1. They were all congested/runny noses and not feeling great. Thankfully, they never actually got ‘sick’. PHEW!
2. They had just discovered that they could play during naptime. It was new and interesting!
3. Finally, I admit I had gotten loosey goosey with the schedule and was being inconsistent. Once I got right back on, they started sleeping during naptime again.

Now, I know the day will come that they will be dropping that first nap – I have no illusions about that – but I am SURE glad that its not here yet. I LOVE that first nap. That is when I can get LOTS done (on a good day). Like showering, preparing dinner (Crockpot), pay bills, laundry, laundry, and laundry!!! I am SO not ready to lose that first nap and thankfully they’re not either. YET.
I DID really appreciate all of the help and advice I got from you other mamas. I LOVE having support in the computer!!! I took some of your advice and set up a pack-n-play in our big closet (sounds weird but trust me its not). I haven’t had to use it yet, but its nice to know its there when I do eventually need it.
Its amazing to imagine they all used to sleep in the same crib. sniff sniff.

I also pushed their morning nap back as well. So for instance, if they wake up at 7:30, they go down closer to 10am rather than 9:30 like before. Basically their morning wake time is longer. The great thing is that they still nap for about two hours (in the afternoon too). SO it was just a matter of finding a new ‘sweet spot’. I had to re-visit my Weissbluth to be reminded that TIMING is everything. Optimal wake time and consistency in the timing of when they go down. I just had to make some adjustments. Once we found the new sweet spot I have been consistent and its really paid off.

This reminds me that I have so many posts in my head. I’ve started writing a post about scheduling and sleep etc but I just never sit down and finish it. I’ve got to get on it!!!

Anywho, I think the last time we really ‘talked’ I was SICK. I got hit HARD and it lingered but I’m finally all better now and the babies are no longer in runny nose limbo. That was disgusting. They put everything in their mouths so imagine how disgusting everything was at the end of the day. I had to throw everything in the washing machine OR Brian washed it in the sink (depending on if it was fabric or plastic). It was so hard for me not to be too anxious about the germs everywhere. I am so glad that everyone is all better now!

Being sick really put me behind on my already endless list of things to get done RIGHT NOW. I am trying to manage this without getting too stressed. Its hard though because it can be quite overwhelming! Anyone who thinks that staying home with my kids means baking cookies and watching Maury Povich has NO IDEA what I do. I can’t even imagine turning on the TV!
Another thing that has put me behind? LOST. That’s right. I finally finished. I am finally caught up to the current episode schedule and let me tell you, I am no better for it. I feel WORSE. The fact that I stayed up WAY TOO LATE on the nights I was catching up did not help me get better quickly. I admit this. But, that show is seriously the most addicting thing ever. Crack? Heroin? I have never done either of these, HOWEVER, I would suggest that LOST is right up there. I am SICK about it! And I have to wait until January-ish!?! For more. UGH.
Yes, I know that is totally ridiculous.
More to update but I've gotta go since I was only supposed to be on the computer while eating my lunch. Lots to do before they wake up!!!
I'll update you more tomorrow about weight loss and exercise. That's right. Posting TWO days in a row. Please try to contain your excitement! :)