Friday, October 17, 2008

I am in BIG trouble.

I am in big trouble.
It is 9:36am. The babies went down about a half hour ago. Normally they are fast asleep by now and sleep at least until about 11.
Today, however, is a different day. I hear them giggling. They have discovered each other from across the room. I know they are all standing in their cribs looking at each other and squealing. This is a problem because without taking this good morning nap they are pills before the second nap and then its too far gone to recover from and the end of the day is meltdown central. How do I know this? Because this has been happening all week. All while they have finally (mostly) dropped the third little short nap.

And, NO, they are NOT ready to drop this first nap. They are WAY too young to go to one nap a day. And, no, I don't believe a baby knows how much sleep he/she needs so don't say it.

My normally stellar nappers have been playing during naptime. They eventually pass out but never sleep as well and are CRANKY when they wake up. My babies have NEVER before been cranky when they wake up. As a staunch Weissbluthian, I know that the only reason a baby is cranky when they wake up is because they did not get enough sleep. And yes, I would let them sleep longer but THEY wake up because its time to eat and they are hungry. So they won't nap longer to make up for it.
Maybe its because they have had little colds? Maybe the runny noses have thrown them off? UGH.
I can hear you chuckling from here because, yes, its cute. However, come over here at 4pm and tell me how cute things are then. I dare you.
Oh wait...its quiet. All i had to do was finally blog about it?
I PRAY that this was all just temporary.