Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Weigh-In

Wednesday Weigh-In
What a week so far! This past weekend was rough as I spent most of it in bed with fever, aches and the whole nine yards. Brian spend the entire weekend being Superdad and doing almost all of the feedings by himself. I did manage to still bathe the babies each night before going right back to bed. This cold has been a real doozy and I've been hit HARD. Since I was still so sick, Brian stayed home on Monday to take care of the babies. Brian did most of the care-giving during my sickest days because:

1. We felt we had a better chance of keeping the babies healthy if I stayed as far away from them as possible.

2. We felt the chances of them staying healthy would further improve by my getting WELL as QUICKLY as possible. Which meant resting as much as possible. Which is hard for me! I tend to push it!

I know that Moms don't usually get any sick days so I am super grateful to Brian for digging in over the weekend and taking much of the load. It is worth it in the long run to get 'Mommy' back in good health quickly but I know he is exhausted. He takes such good care of all of us. :)

This week has been rough since I am not feeling all better AND because, as much as we tried to prevent it, the babies have been a little under the weather. Runny noses and whining on top of the usual teething fussiness make for exhausting days for an already under the weather Mommy. Add to it the sticky mess to clean up at the end of the night which consists of their snot and drool all over everything and every toy, and I am sitting here at 10:30pm having finally sat down and totally exhausted. Without going into too many details, this evening was topped off with baseball size poop and finding the boys playing in someone's vomit - AFTER I had already given two baths. Delicious. Before bedtime, I managed to give five baths to three babies...all within one hour. I am exhausted.
And I just realized that the puke smell that I have been sniffing out for the past 3 hours is coming from MY T-SHIRT...I never changed after cleaning the babies up and putting them down for bed.


How's THAT for having my crap together? Donna Reed has nothing on me.
Not only is my hair femininely styled in a bird's nest up-do, but my fashionable outfit -made up of an oversized t-shirt and boxer shorts - is just plain sexy. The puke 'fragrance' is just enough to complete the ensemble. I think Brian is using some serious self-control to keep his hands off of me.

I am ready for bed and there are a couple of Nyquil with my name on them for sure! Brian is in the kitchen fininshing dishes, bless his heart. He REALLY needs a break! At least we got to sit down to have a quick dinner together before the great puke-clean-up of 2008. It actually wasn't so bad. :)
But, forget my complaining...Here's some exciting news! This week is the first week that all three babies have been holding their own bottles! HALLELUJAH! No more propping! I do still enjoy holding a baby and kissing his/her fingers while feeding them but its so nice to be able to also just hand him/her their bottle and say, "Here you go! Go to town!" They eat so fast now too! I remember the days when a bottle feeding would take over an hour. Now...MINUTES! More time for the really messy stuff. :)

Here's a video of them all holding their own bottles:

Oh, and on the OSB front? Let's just say that the healthiest food I've eaten have been the Airborne tablets that I dissolved into some water. But I've gained NO WEIGHT! I can't take credit for it though. Food just doesn't taste as good with a stuffy nose. :)
And the Couch to 5 K has been more like Couch to Bed. But when I feel better, I will do better. Or something like that.
My Nyquil and my box of lotion tissue are calling me...goodnight!