Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Hi Everyone!
Today we met with Dr. Lantry and it was a very good appointment! I have gained 8 lbs since the last time I was weighed, 3 weeks ago - Why does it FEEL like I've gained so much more in every bone in my body?! Don't the recent belly pics look WAY bigger to you than they did 3 weeks ago? These babies have really GROWN! in fact, Lantry was very pleasantly surprised at how big they look! I dare say, shocked even. All 3 of them look really good and bigger than she expected - but thankfully not too big. She was very pleased. They look perfect...they're fat and happy!
I have gained a total of 33 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight and will probably gain about 30-40 more. WOW! Grow babies grow! :) She measured my fundal height and it was full term/40 weeks. HA! With 3 more months to go! HOLY CRAP!
We discussed some concerns and questions I had. The 2 biggest concerns I had were:
1. my cervix - is it ok?
2. not feeling one of the babies (baby b) - is he ok?
She said my cervix was EXCELLENT and FANTASTIC. What a relief! I don't know why I was so worried. Maybe because I am feeling a lot of pressure in there.
Also, all 3 babies (including baby b who we looked at first) looked really good and were totallly moving and wiggling their arms, hands and legs - which were so clearly visible! My goodness, the little fingers! It is so cute to watch! They are SO BIG and cramped in there, I am surprised that they can move at all. The ultrasounds are so different now that the babies are so much bigger. I love seeing them. :) I can't wait to kiss their little fingers!
-Also, I asked about her recommending a pediatrician and she said that the babies will each be in the care of a neonatologist for a while and that they will give recommendations for pediatricians when its time to transition them.
-I asked about the contractions and intense tightening I've been having and she said they are no problem.
-I also asked about getting a pregnancy massage since my friend gave me a gift certificate (thanks V!) and the doctor said to go NOW - like next week - since I may not be able to go pretty soon.
-I asked about my weight gain and if it was appropriate - am I gaining enough weight? She said its perfect and to KEEP EATING LOTS and KEEP GAINING. I mentioned my (minimum) twice a day peanut butter and jelly sandwich habit and she said it was fantastic since its a good balance of protein, good fat and carbohydrates. She wants me to keep eating as much as I can comfortably manage. OK! :)
-She said we're just going to keep me on this modified bedrest since everything looks so good. This was great news! This means I am still occasionally allowed to leave for short errands and short walks (10 minutes). Which is fine since I am now EXHAUSTED after a few minutes of walking. I can still go get my Yolicious - strawberry flavored tart frozen yogurt (its a pinkberry knock-off). YAY! So I am NOT confined to the bed 24 hours a day - just MOST of the day. Unfortunately, my car has to go back to the shop - but I am not going into that now...its a whole 'nother story. ugh!
She said anything can still happen and that it is possible that DeVore will hospitalize me in about a month (which puts me at about 26 weeks) but that I may go as far as 30 weeks without hospitalization if things go perfectly until then. This would be ideal and I am really going to pray for this. I am hopeful but just taking one day at a time. The fewer days and weeks in the hospital the better, believe me!
I go back to her in 3 weeks. I see Devore in one week, which I am really looking forward to. I hope he can tell me the sex of baby A. We have 2 boy first names and a girl first name so it would be ideal for naming them if baby A were a girl. But, still I have that sneaking suspicion that they're all boys. Just a weird feeling. :)
I still have to post an update with pictures from my shower this past sunday - I PROMISE I will do this soon. I just need to ask Brian to get the pictures off the camera for me. I keep forgetting. :)
One fantstic thing about today is that my sister came over and CLEANED my bathroom for me. I can't tell you how wonderful that was for me. If you know me, you know that I LOVE a clean bathroom. It made me so happy!
Othwise, I am good. Still trying to kick this cold and feeling a little better every day. :)

P.S. Sorry! we didn't get any ultrasound pictures this week! :)