Friday, September 14, 2007

19 Weeks

Hi Everyone! Today we hit 19 weeks! Brian got off of work early today which was so nice! I was able to go swimming at my friend Jocelyn's pool since Brian got off early enough that it was still sunny out. Jocelyn has so generously offered me access to use her pool when she's at work - Thanks Jocelyn! :) Anyway, Brian didn't swin with me - he just "babysat" me, took lots of pictures and enjoyed the nice views from Jocelyn's yard.

I just love these views of the mountains and valley:

Me in the pool - I was so excited to float in the water:

Man, I wish I had a pool in my back yard! The relief on my pelvis, hips and back was almost instant. I felt like gravity disappeared and I wasn't carrying around the extra weight. It just felt so relaxing. And I was able to exercise my legs a little which felt great! Getting out of the pool was tough, like gravity was pulling me and my belly down to the earth! After swimming, I felt so much better. Thanks Jocelyn :)
Then we went home and remembered we needed to take the 19 week pictures:

At least I'm not as big as the truck (yet)!
19 weeks and happy after swimming!

Brian and me after a relaxing afternoon

Love to all!