Tuesday, September 18, 2007

19w4d quick update

We just got back from our infant care class at the hospital. It was just wonderful and so helpful. We stayed after talking with the instructor/nurse and found out that we live up the street from her son and she goes to my church. What a small world! The class was fantastic and informative and I am SO glad we went. I think Brian even may have ENJOYED it. ha ha! He got to change a diaper and swaddle. It was cute.
I think I was the biggest looking pregnant woman in the class and I was the fewest weeks pregnant. Everyone else was anywhere between 30-39 weeks. We all had to go around and introduce ourselves and tell how far along we were and everyone gasped when I said I was only 19 and 1/2 weeks - with triplets. One girl was due in 4 days and I was definitely bigger than her. It was funny :)

At 3:45 this afternoon, I finally got word that I am approved to see Dr. Devore tomorrow. I was so nervous that the insurance would deny me! This insurance business is a real pain. But, I am just happy that we can go tomorrow. I just love seeing the babies!!! Even though the night before an ultrasound is hardly restful!

I am adjusting to the modified bedrest - laying down most of my time. I know that it sounds good to some of you but it isn't as easy as it sounds. I really want to jump up and "go go go!" It gets tough laying for so long b/c a spot will get really sore (my hip or shoulder) and turning over is a painful event - not easy at all!
Still experiencing lots of the same fun - shortness of breath, extremely tired, etc. Now, I've got these cramps in my upper back - very painful.
I need to go shopping for a pair of new pants. I am bursting out of my large maternity pants and I only have one other pair that fits still. The shorts are still fine but not for long since its getting cooler. I can definitely feel myself growing! Like actual growing pains/aches. What an incredible feeling. I just keep getting bigger and bigger!!! I'll have to graduate to exclusively wearing maternity underwear only pretty soon. I know...TMI!!!
I feel them move occasionally - mostly baby c (the one laying across the top). Its so cool :)
Thanks for your prayers and keep them up as we approach the big 20 week mark - so exciting!
Stay tuned!!!
Much Love,