Thursday, September 20, 2007

Almost 20 weeks - ultrasound appointment

Yesterday was quite a day. I went to bed the night before feeling just fine. However, I woke up around 5:30am violently ill. I vomited until there was nothing left to vomit. I then felt a tiny bit better and Brian rubbed my back until I went back to sleep. I stayed in bed until time to get ready for my appointment - I wasn't going to miss it. I ate a bit of food and drank some water, BUT, in about 30 minutes everything came right back up - everything, including a little blood. I couldn't even keep water down. I felt so terrible, body aching and sore. I was really concerned and glad that I already had a doctor's appointment.

So we went to Dr. DeVore's and had a good appointment. All babies are measuring well and everyone looks good. The babies have shifted just a bit with Baby A lying vertex (head down) on my right side and Baby B sitting breech (butt down) on my left side. Baby C is still laying stretched out across the top. The Dr. determined that Baby B and Baby C are both...BOYS! I just knew that Baby C (the oe lying across the top) was a boy...I just had a feeling. The Dr. could not, however, determine the sex of Baby A. The umbilical cord was laying right across the "bits", obstructing the view. So we can still go either way with that one. I was a little bummed because I just want to know! I have a feeling, though, that it is a boy. I don't know why, I just feel it. I thought it was a girl until the appointment and now I think I've changed my mind. Hopefully we'll see in another 3 weeks. At least we know the other 2 for sure! :)

Not only are the babies doing fine, but my uterus looks good and my cervix is measuring 3.4 centimeters which is good. No talk of cerclage (the stitch they put in your cervix to keep your uterus shut) yet! But back to the yucky stuff...I told the doctor about the vomiting and then called my OB's office on the way home. Of course they were closed for lunch so I went straight to bed and when the dr's office called me back a couple hours later, they told me to go immediately to labor and delivery which really surprised me. They were very concerned with the fact that I had been vomiting so much and that I couldn't even keep down water. Getting dehyrated would be really bad for the babies. Dehydration could affect the amniotic fluid and cause contractions and early labor which would have been detrimental to the babies. I was so worried about them!

So we went to the hospital and I got hooked up to a contractions monitor and a blood pressure monitor. No contractions and BP was fine. As it turns out I was VERY dehydrated. They wanted to hook me up with an IV but there was trouble getting the IV in. The first try was VERY painful since my vein would not hold up - it just collapsed and then bled like crazy. I actually had tears because it hurt so bad. It felt like the needle was in my bone or something. YUK! Second try was also unsuccessful. I guess when you are extremely dehydrated, your veins are weak and tend to collapse when you try to get a needle in them. 3rd try, in the elbow area - she didn't even try yo stick a needle in at that point because no veins were cooperating. 4th try - she moved to the other arm and eventually found a vein. Thank God! I couldn't take any more! They took some blood and got me on a drip to rehydrate me and also gave me some drug that made me woozy/sleepy but made my stomach feel better. We sat in the hospital for hours while I tried to get comfortable and just rest. I felt so miserable and poor brian was probably starving and tired, having to run to the hospital right after work. We were both exhausted. It was nice to have him there though. He was wonderful.

The lab results came back and my white blood cell count was very high. The doctor said he thought I had a flu/bug type thing. Which would explaing the body aches, excruciating stomanch pain, nausea and vomiting. I was initially concerned that the iron pills were the culprit since I don't digest well after taking them, but they probably just served to exacerbate the problem rather than to cause it. My ONLY real concern was the babies and if they would be OK since I was so sick. He said they were just fine! The placenta serves as a great filter to these types of bugs and he said there was nothing to worry about - nothing reached them. At that point, as crappy as I felt, I was SO RELIEVED. I was just so worried that if I had some type of infection that the babies would suffer. I was able to go home soon after that, with some instructions to have only clear fluids until the next day. I ate some soup when I came home and then PASSED OUT! Of course I woke up around 2am STARVING and now here I am typing this! Still feeling crappy but much better.

So, although it was a tough and exhausting day, we had a good outcome with the babies being healthy and with me getting better.

I will post the pictures and the video of the ultrasound tomorrow when I get Brian to help me copy/burn them. I don't want to wake Brian up to do it now...its 2:30am, you know! :)

It includes a 3d shot of one of the babies! I cried when he took the shot! It was AMAZING!!

Thanks for all your loving e-mails and nice comments. They make all the differnce!