Thursday, September 20, 2007

Part 2 - Almost 20 week ultrasound

Brian loaded the pictures and video for me this morning! YAY!

The doctor's office called and wanted me to go in for another blood test to check my white blood cell count since it was so high last night. I'll be going into the lab tomorrow morning. I am feeling much better, tummy wise. Body wise, I am still SO TIRED and I've been in bed basically all day. Overall, much better though!

I woke up this morning to find an unwelcomed first stretch marks! I knew they were coming, especially with the rate I have grown, but knowing still didn't help with that initial shock. They are SO UGLY!! I'll have to post a bare belly pic so you can see the beauty for yourself. YUCK! :) These ones have friends soon to follow so I better get used to seeing them.

OK, for the babies! Here is one baby with his hand over his face (from overhead):

And here a 3d shot of the same baby from a different angle. Amazing!!!

Here is the video of the wigglies:

Much Love,
P.S. Congratulations to Karen who just delivered her beautiful triplets yesterday!