Friday, January 22, 2010



OK, I am not usually one to publicly comment on tabloid crap. There is a fine line between celebrity news and trash. I admit I have a soft place in my heart for People Magazine, but I don't feel its trash. Just a little fluffy. I refuse to go to Perez Hilt0n's site and give him the traffic that provides him all that ad revenue. I will NOT watch TMZ. Its trash. Its poisonous gossip and I think people who make $ stalking people's private lives should be sent to the same island that the people who write computer viruses should also be sent. That being said, I do follow families with multiples - for obvious reasons.

I kept my mouth SHUT about Nadya Suleman (octo-mom). I don't like when strangers bring her name into conversation when they find out I have triplets, but I try to be graceful and just ease the conversation in another direction. I pretty much keep my feelings to myself regarding Nadya Suleman. HOWEVER...

I saw on facebook this morning that Nadya Suleman is now on the cover of Star magazine posing in a bikini. So far, no problem. Awesome! You go girl! Except....wait. Something's not right. She is lying. She is claiming that she has had NO plastic surgery. The cover says "no nips, no tucks, no lipo."


Why would you lie about that? Seriously. I mean, let me tell you, the minute I can afford to get this fanny pack sliced off, along with the hideous stretch marks, I am going to do it. AND I plan to be perfectly honest about it. Now, I don't mean I will announce to the world, "Hey everyone! I just got a tummy tuck to fix my post-triplets pregnancy belly! No more saggy skin!" Of course I won't do that. BUT...If I ever plan to post pictures of myself IN A BIKINI, you bet your sweet aspercreme that I will be honest about why the skin on my belly no longer looks like a sack of jello.

I am not saying that it is not possible to lose all that weight. That is totally do-able with hard work, eating right, exercise, etc. I AM saying that there is NO WAY after her belly stretched out THAT FAR, that her stretch marks disappeared. NO WAY.

Look at her pregnancy photo:

This is supposedly one year later.

YES she looks fantastic but PUH-LEASE. Tell the truth. TUMMY. TUCK.

Stretch marks do not just erase themselves.

Remember these bad boys?

These stretch marks currently live on my body, along with a lovely c-section scar. Now imagine that belly of mine, except imagine it deflated. I'd show you but you know we've talked about this before. Brian put the kibosh on my showing post pregnancy belly shots. Understandably so. Maybe he will consider letting me do a "before and after" once I get to have a tummy tuck? We'll see.
The point is, THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL that her skin went all the way back down -and without stretch marks- after having FOURTEEN children. Especially after carrying OCTUPLETS.
This could have been a real opportunity for her to relate to other women by sharing her honest experience - By sharing what so many of us Mom's of multiples don't talk about. She could have made herself seem more human and maybe even likeable. But, not surprisingly, she made the decision to lie and further alienate herself from real women.
I am not really surprised, but still disappointed!