Monday, August 10, 2009

Triplets At The Pool

Triplets At The Pool
Hey everyone! Sorry I've not been posting much lately. It's been hard to get motivated to write a post when much of what's on my mind is no fun. We're figuring things out and job hunting. And trying not to stress. Some days are good. Some days are...not as good.
In the meantime we've tried to take advantage of some free time by taking the triplets to my sister's boyfriend's swimming pool. They LOVE IT! I haven't been able to take as many photos as I'd like since my hands are FULL with three kids at the swiming pool but I caught a few shots -check them out!

Zachary with Uncle Aaron
Alexis wearing her shades in the car on the way to the pool...she didn't keep them on for very long.

Right before they darted in three different directions...thank goodness we had one adult per kid!

Here's Jackson with my sister. It was SO great having my sister on one of the swimming days b/c it freed me up a bit to take a few pictures.

Brian with Jackson, Aaron with Zachary and Alexis with Pam.
The kids LOVE shooting up in the air!

Snack time. We learned after the first visit that a pack & play would be MANDATORY. SOOO helpful!
Mommy with Alexis. Look at that cute little tummy. Thank goodness MY tummy (the much taked about but never actually seen "Fanny Pack") wasn't showing.
All five of us in the pool! Sometimes I can't believe that we are actually a family of FIVE!