Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Total Daddy's Boy

We took the babies to dinner this weekend and I captured a quick shot on my cameraphone of Jackson looking up at his daddy:

Jackson LOVES his Daddy. I think Daddy is maybe even his favorite person in the whole world. It was so cute watching Jackson sniff, hug and kiss Brian's arm at the restaurant. It really melts my heart and I know it turns my big husband into a bowl of mush and makes his heart all warm and fuzzy.
And BTW, they love going to restaurants! Not that we do it that often (not budget friendly) but we enjoy taking them out when we can. Zachary ate everything (zucchini, carrots, garlic bread, mashed potatoes, turkey, peach ice cream...). I mean, LOOK...He wouldn't even stop eating for a second to take a picture!!! Jackson ate most of everything. Alexis...not so much. Alexis is our pickiest eater. She even turned away peach ice cream. WOULD NOT EVEN TRY IT. What baby doesn't like ice cream???
Here she is (with her Grand-Daddy) giving me the stink eye and saying, "I don't want to try any of your stinking ice cream, Mommy!"
Girl does NOT know what she is missing!