Friday, February 20, 2009

In Lieu of A Real Post...

In Lieu of A Real Post...

I guess I could have used "Instead of" in the title, instead of using "In Lieu of," but I have had that word in my head ever since I left the grocery store this evening and I don't know why.

So "lieu" is what you're getting.

And, BTW, how's THAT for exciting...the grocery store on a Friday night. Can you say WOO to the HOO?!? And? I used TWO coupons. THAT'S RIGHT! Par-tay is my middle name.

I was going to sit down and finish a post tonight but I think I am getting sick. So instead of staying up late to write a post I am gonna go to bed. Or maybe just lay on the couch. Either way, sorry about that.

To make up for my lack of posting, here's a really sweet picture collage thingy that Brian made tonight. Its made of pictures you've already seen, but it's so sweet put together!
*SIGH* They're so pretty I could have a bunch more. HA HA!
Now THAT'S another post for another day, isn't it?!?

Have a good weekend :)