Tuesday, February 3, 2009

100 (+6) Things

100 (+6) Things

I am always curious to read this kind of stuff about people. Enjoy!

1. My name is Cynthia, but everyone calls me Cindy.
2. My birth date is November 7, 1976
3. I was born in Seoul, S. Korea
4. I grew up in the United States
5. I have lived in Northern Virginia, Hawaii, Georgia and California.
6. I have many bad habits which include (but are not limited to):
7. chewing gum
8. drinking too much diet soda
9. staying up too late
10. I have a sister named Pamela. She is younger by eight years and one day. She is one of the funniest and smartest people I know.
11. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Mommy when I grew up…which made having fertility issues particularly devastating
12. I walk very fast. Brian often has to tell me to slow down.
13. I used to maintain a different blog, which I started in 2004, before I started this one.
14. No, you can’t read it.
15. I did Live Journal before that.
16. I have a personal issue with the font “Comic Sans”. I am not the only one. Yes, its funny. But I am still totally serious.
17. I am blind as a bat without my glasses/contacts.
18. Each perfume I have loved has been discontinued.
19. Korean food is my favorite. It is truly my comfort food.
20. I LIVE for Kimchi. I think I am addicted.
21. My mom says I have a Korean stomach.
22. My Mom was born and raised in South Korea.
23. My Dad was born and raised in Virginia.
24. I am American by nationality
25. I am Korean-American by heritage
26. I am ½ Asian, ½ Caucasian by race
27. Which means my babies are ¼ Asian.
28. Brian and I jokingly and lovingly call them Quatasians. We also call them the “Kabies” (Korean babies).
29. I think the Kabies all look mostly like their Daddy. Which is adorable to me.
30. My second favorite food is a tie between Sushi and appetizer-y foods like finger sandwiches, hors d’oeuvres, veggies and dips, and foods you would find at a cocktail party.
31. I guess both of these food types satisfy my need to dabble. I like to try a little of everything.
I enjoy throwing parties. Brian does too.
32. My parents are still married to each other.
33. My favorite flowers are orchids
34. I am very allergic to cats. I actually like cats…just not their dander. It makes my eyes itch and my throat swell up. And I also really dislike the smell of cat pee.
35. I LOVE wearing high heels. I haven’t done this in a LONG time since my current job has me rarely even wearing shoes!
36. I am in flip-flops otherwise.
37. Unless, of course, I am exercising. Then, I’ll wear running shoes.
38. We are a “no shoes inside” house. VERY RARE exceptions.
39. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is grammar related.
40. I go NUTS when I see You’re/Your or Their/They’re/There used incorrectly

You are = “You’re”…NOT “Your”!!!

41. You’re killing me with your incorrect use of your words. Other than that, I think you’re awesome. Your turn.
42. And I have a thing for spelling.
43. I certainly don’t consider myself a spelling/grammar/writing expert, by any means. I tend to be very informal in my writing.
44. My sister is the English major.
45. I just happen to notice these things in particular. And they drive me crazy.
46. I have a horrible way of using too many exclamation points and not being too careful with my punctuation. I am totally OK with this.
47. I DO love to read good writing.
48. In fact, I find myself captivated by blogs of people who either write really well, OR, by people who are really funny.
49. Someone who does/is both is hard to find.
50. It is NOT hard to find blogs of people who do/are neither. I am just being honest.
51. Back to funny…I like meeting truly funny people.
52. I think a truly funny person can be funny without making fun of or tearing anyone down.
53. Of course, I love some good self-deprecating humor.
54. I have attended three different high schools. I hated high school. Especially since moving to California.
55. I did not enjoy my teenage years. This is one reason Facebook is bittersweet for me.
56. I met Brian during one my darkest and most self-destructive times. I still cringe at some of the choices I made.
57. If you were to tell me fifteen years ago that Brian and I would be happily married, I would not have believed you. I would have looked at you funny.
58. I would have bet you that I wouldn’t even be alive now.
59. My family moved to California when I was fifteen and I hated it. I became very depressed and lonely. Disconnected. I stopped caring about stuff. I spent many years like this. Self destructing. UGH, I hate thinking back to that time.
60. I was a very unhappy adolescent. If you knew me during that time, you may be thinking, “Hey, that’s not true! You were funny! You were always laughing!”
61. I say, take a second look at that “funny kid” in school. They are likely covering deep sadness and are in deeeeep trouble.
62. If I could go back and talk to that girl, there’s so much I would want to say. But, first I would listen. I think that would have helped me a lot.
63. I am an Apple. Not a pear, banana or hourglass. This makes buying clothes tough since most women’s clothes are made for non-apples or people with small boobs.
64. I do not have small boobs.
65. I am very turned off by catty women and wary of women in groups, both online AND in real life.
66. I went to a performing arts high school for 8th, 9th and half of 10th grade.
67. I have PCOS. It sucks. I am learning how to deal with it naturally. Learning is the keyword. I have always been on hormones and medications to try and deal with it and I believe I’ve caused more harm than good.
68. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage in March 2007. I never felt such despair in my life before then.
69. I cried a lot. And then I prayed a lot. I prayed for the Lord to take my sadness from me because I could not bear it for another second. I prayed so deeply that I felt like I surrendered something that weekend. That was a Saturday. By Monday, I was overcome with a peace that I had never before experienced.
70. I left my job and focused on school (I was attending night school at the time).
71. I got pregnant the following cycle.
72. My husband lost his job on a Monday (leaving us both unemployed with no health insurance) and I had my ultrasound the very next day.
73. We saw 3 heartbeats on that screen. I almost passed out. I think Brian’s heart stopped. I could almost hear the weight of the world pushing down onto his shoulders. That is the first time since I’ve known him that I really sensed fear from Brian.
74. I instantly fell in love with those little heartbeats – BUT - I felt so much fear that day, and throughout my pregnancy. I regret that I wasn’t able to surrender it to God.
75. I was in a very scary place right after the babies were born. I now know I was suffering from the very beginning of what could have been an awful experience with Post-Partum Depression. I believe lots of pumping (to get my hormones going), lots of prayer and the complete selfless devotion of my husband were all instrumental in pulling me out and pretty much saved my life. Really.
76. I have the crooked-est teeth of anyone I know. I have always hated my teeth. Brian thinks they’re cute. He’s crazy. He loves me, for sure.
77. I dream of someday having our own patch of land and growing vegetables and even home-schooling our kids. I used to think that was for weirdos. I must totally be a weirdo now.
78. We make many sacrifices for me to stay home with our children because we believe it’s the best choice for our family. Its NOT easy. Every month I wonder if this is the month I have to go out and get a part time job. That day is drawing very near.
79. I admit, I miss some of the things from our “Dual-Income-No-Kids” days. I sometimes miss shopping and manicures, and Starbucks, and sushi and buying new clothes (and purses and shoes…). But, I’m mostly over that.
80. Now, I am constantly looking at ways to SIMPLIFY, organize, etc. It has actually been somewhat liberating. I didn’t realize how ‘addicted to consumption’ I was.
81. I get REALLY excited about…wait for it…COUPONS.
82. Staying at home with my children is the toughest job I have EVER had, both mentally AND physically. I always underestimated the Stay At Home Mom position when I was pre-kid working woman.
83. I am LEARNING how to become Keeper of My Home. I consider it a privilege and I take this job very seriously.
84. I really love making lists and checking things off.
85. I have a thing for good paper and pens. I love using my Moleskine notebooks for all my scheduling/list-making/note-taking.
86. I am totally non-crafty. Meaning, I don’t know how to knit, scrapbook, etc. I get bored. I would rather cook or mess with some gadget or be on the computer or make lists with good pens.
87. I am a great example of a Jack (or Jill?) of all trades and master of NONE. Meaning, I can do a lot of things moderately well but I am not really extraordinarily talented in any area.
88. I have always wanted at least four children. Still do.
89. I love champagne. And champagne cocktails. Mmmmmm.
90. My favorite color is red. And then pink and orange.
91. I am a Winter.
92. I am an ENFP, but I crave lots of alone time.
93. I wish I loved exercising but I really, really don’t. I just love how I feel after I do it.
94. I LOVE Christmas music and I wish I could listen to it year-round. Brian would kill me if I did. He prefers thrash metal.
95. I think marriage is an amazing gift from God and I love being married to Brian.
96. We used to be pretty terrible at the relationship thing. Over the years we have been learning and working on our relationship skills. Did you know it was so much work? Totally worth it, though.
97. I am fiercely attracted to my big manly-man husband. We have great chemistry. Rawr.
98. And no, don’t say its luck. Luck is only half of it. Nothing kills chemistry like resentment, so deal with your business, yo.
99. I like airports and airplanes and traveling alone. Something about the anonymity of being in a place that is nobody’s home and having so much going on. I find it exhilarating and at the same time peaceful. I feel like I can be invisible in an airport.
100. I don’t like surprises.
101. I have always been fascinated by photography. I currently suck at it. It’s on my ‘list’ to learn it and eventually be really good at it. In my spare time. Ha ha.
102. I also want to: know how to do everything on a computer, become addicted to running, hate junk food, become impeccably organized, read my Bible every day, stop complaining, make really good gravy, learn to sew, finish school, and a lot more stuff.
103. My feet grew an entire shoe size during pregnancy and they have never gone back to “normal”. I’ve got some REALLY cute shoes that don’t fit anymore. BIG bummer.
104. One of my biggest challenges is learning how to take care of myself. I am nowhere close to getting it yet.
105. I never saw myself settling in California. I told myself when I was a teenager that I would move back to Georgia the first chance I got and nail my feet to the ground. But I married a California boy. He isn’t set on staying here forever though, so we’ll see where God leads us someday.
106. I don’t believe in luck.