Monday, January 5, 2009



OHMYGOSH, there's so much to update you with but I'll just have to give you a quickie. First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! On New Years Day it is Korean tradition to gather and celebrate and to eat rice cake soup. Actually, Lunar New Year isn't until January 26 this year, but we celebrate on January 1st every year.
This year, it was just our immediate family and my parents and sister and her boyfriend Aaron. We ate soup and played games after the babies went down for the evening. But before dinner, we took them out for their first ride in their Christmas present from my parents...a CHOO CHOO WAGON! Let me tell you, Brian and I were SO excited to take them for a ride. Even since I found out I was pregnant with triplets, I have imagined taking our babies out in one of these! Thankfully, my parents sprung for the gift and it was so much fun to take the babies for a ride. They really enjoyed it!

Brian made this video...hilarious sound efffect!

We've since taken them out during the daytime and they seemed to enjoy it even more. We are going to get lots of use out of this bad boy. Brian and I enjoy it as much as the babies! :)

Also, We've got more teeth people! Jackson has popped more top teeth. That makes the count:

Alexis: 0
Zachary: 8
Jackson: 6

Alexis is still holding out. No worries, she's taking her time :)

Since their first birthday, we've switched from formula to milk, which has been a HUGE savings! NO MORE FORMULA. I can hardly believe it. I mean, milk is really expensive, but nowhere NEAR as expensive as formula was. I don't know how we actually made it this past year with the formula expenses. It has been unreal.

Also, we've dropped from four bottles to ONE. I am dropping that last one next week. I didn't want to waste any time because I knew it was just a matter of time before they got too attached to them for me to do it without a fight. I do NOT want to make things any harder than they need to be so I was eager to start the transition before their first birthday. I immediately dropped two bottle feedings (in exchange for sippy cups) cold turkey right before Thanksgiving. Then we dropped the morning bottle. Now we're left with the bedtime bottle which will be gone after next week! WOO HOO - no more bottles! I can't even believe my little babies will not need bottles anymore. Its actually kinda sad for me. All this time spent with so many bottle feedings and now they're big babies.
But really, I am happy because its so much easier. I LOVE sippy cups. There was a little resistance at first and it took some time for me to find a cup that all three of them like but now we're cool and I am so relieved. PHEW!

What else? Well Zachary is walking now. Not exclusively, but he's slowly gaining confidence and gets to chasing Jackson around. And speaking of Jackson, that boy is practically running all over. Its SOOOO cute. He's pretty much stopped crawling altogether. Its wild to see my babies walking. I am in awe over how quickly they've grown. Alexis has taken a couple steps here and there but doesn't seem too interested in walking anytime soon. That's fine with me babygirl - on your own time!

The babies have two doctor's appointments next week (one with the pediatrician and one with the opthalmologist) so I'll have stats to update you with then. Until then...CHOO CHOO!