Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Quick Update - AND MORE TEETH!

A Quick Update - AND MORE TEETH!

So as it turns out I am SICK. Like Nyquil and lotion tissues and all that good stuff. Except...Mommies don't really get sick days. Babies still need to eat and stuff. Thankfully, I have a HERO husband who is the best Daddy on the planet. He is doing as much as he can to care for the babies so I can get better fast. We are a great team and I am so glad he is my parenting team-mate! He is the best. Really.
Since I haven't really had the time or energy to type one of the posts already written in my head, here's a little re-cap of last week.

On Wednesday, My sister and her boyfriend Aaron took Brian and me to see Metallica. Which meant I was leaving the babies before bedtime. I was a little nervous but our friend JK babysat for us and she did a great job! The babies really enjoyed being with her and they went down just fine for her. I was nervous that they would give her drama at bedtime but they were great! Thank you JK!!! And OF COURSE, Thank you to Pam & Aaron for treating us to a night out!
We took a few pictures before leaving for the concert:

Me & My sister

Me with my hubby - he's so cute!

Pam & Aaron

Over the weekend, we went for a walk.

Here's Alexis in the Bjorn - her FAVORITE place to be.

My favorite men!
And then, we busted out a new hat we got for Alexis. It looked SO CUTE on her!

But the cutest and funniest part was watching everyone react to the new hat. Zachary was especially interested in ripping that thing off of her head:

I started feeling crappy a few days ago and it has definitely turned into a full blown cold. I am trying to keep the babies healthy and take good care of myself. It seems the last time I got hit with a bad cold was right after the Gavin DeGraw concert. This time, its right after the Metallica concert. HMMMMMM. Maybe I should stop going to concerts with my sister? Of course, I am kidding.
Although I am bummed to be sick, I am grateful to have Brian at home with me so I am not alone with the babies. This cold has drained all of my energy and its nice to have him here. He is my lifesaver!
Jackson has popped TWO more teeth! That makes FOUR total for Jackson.

Tooth Count:
Alexis - 0
Zachary - 8
Jackson - 4

Also, Zachary has been taking lots of steps! Jackson has pretty much stopped crawling and is serious cruising around the house. Its adorable. Jackson absolutely LOVES when we chase him. As soon as we say, "I'm gonna get you!" he starts squealing and takes off. He loves it! I've got to get Brian to post some video of it soon.

In the meantime, I've gotta go take some Nyquil.

Merry Christmas!