Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Small Victory

A Small Victory

I have learned many things since becoming a mother. One very important thing is that all babies are different. This is no better illustrated than in my own home, with three very different babies.
One big difference is in how they respond to different foods. Ever since introducing solids, I have struggled with trying to get all of them, mostly Alexis, to eat lots of different types of foods. The boys have responded pretty well, especially Zachary. He will eat anything I give him. Jackson does pretty well, expect for some hesitation with new textures.

Then there's Alexis. This hard headed Korean girl (that 1/4 is enough!) has a way of avoiding anything she doesn't like. She can tighten her mouth SO TIGHT that I couldn't even pry it open myself.
Not that I would try. My philosophy is that they will eat when they are hungry. I can outlast her. She will not starve.

Alexis, my most picky eater, has always fought me hard. Her least favorite food? PEAS. This wasn't always the case. At first, she seemed to tolerate them just fine. Then, one day, she decided she was done.


WHINING, lip tightening, crying, DONE.

Thing is, the boys love peas. And I am not taking individual orders or customizing menus anytime soon, so if peas are on the menu for dinner then peas is what she's got.

Does this mean I stop trying? No way. Every time I serve peas, I give her some - just to see if she changes her mind - and every time its the same. UGH.

A couple of days ago, I made some peas. No biggie. I took them off the stove and served them (after a few minutes to cool and a second to run the stick blender through them). The boys ate them and Alexis tried not to eat them. No surprises. I put the rest in a container and stuck it in the fridge for future use.

Tonight, I was in a big rush as I was running behind and cutting it way close to the babies' dinner. They were starving and impatient so as soon as I got them home it was straight to the high chairs for dinner. They were WHINING (OHMYGOSH the drama) and I was moving fast. I pulled the peas out of the fridge, but instead of heating them up...I served them cold. Yuck, right?

Well, let me tell you that this was the first time that Alexis could not get enough peas. Apparently she likes her peas COLD. Like her yogurt or applesauce. She must have thought it was a dessert or something. I sat AMAZED at the fact that my stubborn little girl was devouring each bite and was whining because I could not get the next bite in fast enough. WHO KNEW???

Whatever it takes sister!

NEVER in my pre-baby life did I ever expect to be so happy about...PEAS! I was so excited that as soon as Brian came home, I inundated him with the big story of the peas!!!

He was thrilled.

I need to get out more.

P.S. The eyeballs from the previous post are as follows:
Jackson on the top, Zachary in the middle, and Alexis at the bottom. :)