Friday, May 9, 2008

Just a wee bit tired and grouchy

I want to smack every person that ever said to me "You better get your rest now..." in that condescending voice, before the babies were born.
Were they privy to some sort of sleep saving program that I missed out on? Because as I understand it, sleep is not something you can bank up or save in an account, writing in your checkbook every time you make a withdrawal with your ATM card. I cannot just get a hammer and bust into my SLEEP piggy bank right now and think to myself, "WHEW! Look at all this SLEEP I saved!!! Thank Goodness I saved up on all that SLEEP and didn't spend it FOOLISHLY before the babies were born! Now I've got LOTS of it...when I REALLY need it!"

This week was hard (can you tell???).