Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3 Months

The babies turned three months last week! We cannot believe how much they’ve grown and changed in three months time. Its truly amazing! I can remember how I felt three months ago. I was scared and overwhelmed. My babies were so tiny and underdeveloped. They were sick and I could not hold them yet. Since then, they have THRIVED and have now become these incredible little people. Each of them are so different and have their own individual personalities. They crack us up all the time! They are so stinking cute and I LOVE THEM!!!

Hi, I am Alexis and I am three months old (adjusted age is @ 1 month old). I have grown so much since my tiny birth weight of 2lbs 15 oz. My mommy is guessing that I weigh about 7lbs now. I just recently grew out of all of my preemie clothes. With the exception of two nightgowns, my mommy has had to pack away ALL of my preemie clothes. I think she cried a little, even though she is happy that I am growing! I have dark brown hair growing in and so far my eyes are blue. I have my mommy’s facial features and my daddy’s forehead. I look a lot like my mommy’s baby pictures. I LOVE my pacifier. Seriously, I am a total addict. Mommy is not sure how she feels about this but for now she will just deal. Its just hard for her when I spit it out in my sleep and SCREAM because I am SO MAD that it is not in my mouth so somebody HURRY UP AND PUT IT BACK IN MY MOUTH. Blessing and curse. Anyway, I love being swaddled really tight. Its my favorite way to sleep. My daddy does the best swaddles with these really great muslin swaddling blankets that my Aunty Sandy got for me. Ask my Mommy about them…she thinks they are amazing. I LOVE getting little kisses on my face and I love getting my head rubbed and my back patted. I also love to poop while I am eating. Which causes my mommy a lot of grief since I end up puking up everything from the pushing and then I get REALLY upset about it. Overall, my reflux is slowly improving. My mom adds LOTS of rice cereal to my special formula to thicken and weight it down. When I have straight formula or breastmilk, it is too thin and it comes SHOOTING right back out. The rice cereal helps, although my mom suspects that it probably doesn’t help with my digestive issues. My mommy is constantly working on the right balance so I am most comfortable. I still have a lot of pain when I have gas and poop and I usually scream all the way through it. I am still taking medication to help my intestines (my brothers take it too). It makes my mommy so sad but we know it will get better as time goes on. I am also still on the medication that helps me remember to breathe regularly and helps my heart remember to beat regularly (my brothers too). I love when daddy ‘dances’ with me. Its really funny. I have two deep dimples in my cheeks and they get more and more distinct as time goes on and I gain more weight. My mommy recently learned that I need more sleep than I had been getting so I can eat and grow better. My mood is much better since my mommy has been making me sleep more. I am happier! SO IS MOMMY. I have many nicknames, which include (but are not limited to):
Screamy Preemie, Pretty McPreemie and Toots McGee (because I am SOO gassy and I toot a LOT).


Hi, I am Zachary and I just turned three months old! My mommy calls me the “Sweet One”. The NICU staff and Pediatrician have all called me a dream baby. I am so easy going and happy. I LOVE flirting and I LOVE when mommy sings silly songs to me. I have some pretty cute deep dimples and I smile a LOT. I have what looks like light brown/blonde/almost reddish peach fuzz growing in, although you can’t really see it in pictures. I was born totally bald! My eyes are greenish so far. I am the tallest of the three and I have daddy’s nose. I am the most Caucasian looking baby of the three, which is really cute when I am sitting on my Korean Grandma’s (my Halmoni) lap. We don’t look much alike but I really love her a lot. I am very sensitive and get a little nervous and skittish so mommy is very gentle with me for now. I was the sickest in the NICU but I have really grown by leaps and bounds! I have no breathing problems anymore and only minimal sinus issues from being on C-PAP and oxygen for a while. I am going to see the ophthalmologist this week to make sure my retina is OK since there is a risk when you have Oxygen therapy. Although I started out needing the most help, I am the ONLY ONE that did not have to come home on an apnea/heart monitor! My Mommy thinks it was all the prayers. She and my Daddy are SO proud of me. You can usually find me in between my brother and sister, sitting quietly as they make LOTS of NOISE! They are so loud, I have just learned to tune them out. I will be able to sleep through anything because of them. : ) I still have some feeding issues, which is the only reason I was last to come home. Basically my brain gets confused sometimes and forgets to tell my tongue what to do when its time to eat. So my mommy or daddy just have to help me a bit. But once I get started, I eat like a champ! My reflux issues have really improved and my mommy has stopped adding rice cereal to my formula/milk! I am doing a great job keeping most of it down! I am currently in size 1 diapers and wear newborn to 3 month size clothes. My mommy would guess that I weigh about 11lbs or so. What a big difference from my birthweight of 4lbs 2 oz. Its hard because I am SO TALL that a lot of what fits me around the tummy does NOT fit me in length. My pants are often too short! I am such a sweet snuggly baby and I love to ‘hug’. I like my pacifier but I can do without it just fine. My mom is very grateful that I am such a sweet baby and a good boy. : ) She calls me her Fuzzy Bunny (among many other names).


Hi, I am Jackson and I am three months old. I am the youngest but the BIGGEST by far! I am super chunky and have thighs like the Michelin Man. My mom likes to squeeze them. And I certainly don’t mind because I LOVE the attention. In fact, I get very upset if you are not paying attention to me. I want to be held ALL THE TIME. I have just started to laugh and giggle and I am melting my Mommy and Daddy’s hearts! I LOVE my Daddy. I will follow him around the room with my eyes, waiting for him to come pick me up. I like to hold on really right when you hold me because I don’t want you to put me down. This makes sleepy time tough because I am EXHAUSTED but do NOT want to lay down. I LOVE to eat and I absolutely LOVE taking baths. I would stay in the tub all day long if my mommy let me. I have dark brown hair and what looks like bright blue eyes so far. I am currently wearing 3 month clothes and very quickly growing out of them. I am quickly growing out of my size 2 diapers too! Although my brother is taller, I am much chubbier that him. My mom would guess that I weigh about 13-14 lbs. Maybe even more. A HUGE difference from my birthweight of about 4lbs 4.8oz. The fat rolls are abundant and my Mommy & Daddy love them! My mommy was worried at first and asked the pediatrician if I could be too chubby (some people said that I was too fat – can you believe it!?!) and the pediatrician said “NO WAY…there is no such thing as a ‘too chubby’ preemie”. This made my mommy feel much better. I really avoided most of the hurdles that my sister or brother encountered health-wise. The only thing I’ve got is an umbilical hernia which makes my belly-button stick out. The pediatrician says this is totally fine and that it happened because I was premature and the muscles in my tummy did not fuse well before I put on a bunch of weight. He says this will be ok by the time I am one year old and for mommy not to worry. I absolutely love breastfeeding and need it for soothing purposes more often than my sister or brother. I don’t like to go to sleep but my mommy is helping me sleep better and I am happier because of it. I enjoy sucking on my pacifier but if it falls out when I am sleeping, I am just fine without it. My nicknames include, Action Jackson, chubby bunny, and I can’t think of what else right now. I am too hungry. FEED ME.


We are looking forward to our new house and our new bedroom and playroom. We are pretty cramped here in the 2 bedroom apartment and Mommy and Daddy are working hard to get us packed and out of here! We know that it will help Mommy every day to have lots more room to play with us and feed us. Now, all she’ll need is more sleep! But she’ll just have to wait for a while. We’re still on this strict 3 hour feeding schedule for a couple more months. She and Daddy are super tired but we’re totally worth it and they are enjoying this time with us. We’re growing so fast!

Bye for now,

Alexis, Zachary and Jackson