Friday, March 14, 2008

Growth spurting?

Zachary has been eating like crazy. He normally takes 120ml (4oz) at each feeding but during 2 of the feedings today he wanted lots more. This last feeding (9pm) he just took 220 ml! Almost double!!!
The last time it was Alexis who did this insatiable eating thing and she slept like crazy afterward. Then the NEXT DAY she no longer fit into her preemie clothes :( Seriously!
Jackson...well Jackson has always eaten lots. He is up to MINIMUM 5 oz per feeding. I can't wait until HIS next growth spurt! LOL.

BTW...3 month post on its way! I am trying to somehow put it together while ATTEMPTING to pack and somehow keep my house together. I promise its coming!

P.S. Happy Birthday Natalie