Sunday, January 6, 2008

Not so good

I am sick. I don't know if I have the flu or mastitis. Part of me leans towards the latter b/c of the terrible pain I am having in the 'feeding region'. Headache. Body ache. Recurring fever. Chills. My sister is taking me to the doctor in the morning - or even possibly tonight If I can't break this fever and it keeps getting worse. I have felt this way all weekend so I haven't seen my babies and I am ACHING for them. I miss them so much. If it turns out I have the flu, then I won't be seeing them for a LONG while. If I do have mastitis, then I'll go on antibiotics and still won't be seeing them. Either way is tough! And I have to keep pumping - which is painful, but the only relief. If that makes sense. Brian has had to pile every single blanket we own on top of me during one of my chills sessions. And then I rip all of them off once I've broken the fever. And then repeat the whole process again. Needless to say, my being out of commission again puts even more on Brian's lap - as if he doesn't have enough going on (laundry, doing anything that requires driving since I am still not allowed to drive yet, taking care of his super sick wife, etc.). Oh, and he starts a new job this week. Great timing for me to be so sick and needing him so much! At least we don't have any babies at home yet. There's a silver lining.

The babies are doing great. Alexis has been improving by leaps and bounds. She started nippling this weekend! Brian got to feed her with a bottle. I am so bummed that I am missing this stuff but I am glad that Brian was there for it.

I am feeling crappy so I need to end this one here.

Love to all,