Monday, January 7, 2008

Mastitis and squishy cuteness

Good News! I have Mastitis! WOO HOO! I never thought I would be so happy to be diagnosed with an infection in my BREASTS - until NOW. I was so afraid that I had the flu. Which would have meant having to stay away from the NICU and not see my babies for a LONG TIME. I knew it was either the flu or mastitis. Either way is miserable but I could NOT bear the thought of not seeing my babies. So on the way to my Dr. appointment this afternoon, my sister and I were rooting for mastitis. Sounds ridiculous, I know! When the doctor said it was mastitis, I even asked about the flu and she said "NO, you definitely have mastitis...a classic case." I nearly giggled with joy. Mind you, just 12 hours previous to this I was SHIVERING and had a fever of 102.6. But I didn't care about anything anymore except the fact that I would now be allowed to see my babies! I grabbed my prescription for antibiotics and walked/ran to the NICU (same building of the hospital). When I got to the NICU, EVERYONE was waiting for the verdict and they were all thrilled to find out that it was not the flu. They too were celebrating that I had mastitis. YAY MASTITIS!!! HAHAHA! I quickly scrubbed up, put on the yellow paper gown and sprinted over to where my babies live. I was not prepared for the total bone crushing cuteness that I was about to find:

Now TELL ME that is not the cutest thing you have ever seen!! My sweet hubby snuggling my 2 boys. My stomach did cartwheels from the cuteness!!! Apparently the nurses also though it was too cute so they took many pictures of my boys together before I got there:

Daddy holding both boys for the first time!

Can you even handle the cuteness??

this one actually makes my stomach HURT from the cuteness:

Brian captured some more cuteness:

Daddy trying to get Jackson to smile

Alexis feeding from a bottle

Little Alexis getting burped

More Alexis


My peaceful Zachary

At the end of the day, Brian captured this at just the perfect time... a beautiful January sunset in Southern California!

Its really late so I gotta go take my antibiotics and pump and get some sleep - I feel like crap! YAY MASTITIS! :)

Much Love,