Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Its been 4 weeks

I can't believe its been 4 weeks since they were born. wow.
I am so tired and I just pumped and want to go to bed RIGHT now (at least until I have to get up to pump again in 2 1/2 hours) so just a quick post for you.

Jackson is 5 lbs 15 oz. Just one ounce shy of 6lbs!
Zachary is 5 lbs 12.8 oz. He is SO GAINING on Jackson!
These guys are BOTH in newborn diapers - they outgrew the preemie diapers a few days ago. Of course I have a gillion preemie diapers at home UNWRAPPED from the packaging (they have been for weeks and weeks!) because I wanted to get the baby room all ready before going into the hospital. That means preemie diapers are all unpacked and stacked in the changing table shelves. Can't return/exchange loose diapers! It also means that all the preemie clothes are washed and tags removed. These boys are not going to need them. Maybe Alexis will wear them for a minute before she gets too big. I better get to washing the Newborn sized stuff this weekend!

I didn't get Alexis's weight tonight, sorry. She's somewhere about 4 and 1/2 lbs, I know.

I got to bottle feed Jackson this afternoon and Alexis this evening. Zachary is still slow to start so he is getting his bottle feedings (twice daily for him) from the physical therapist.

Zachary is off all IVs! They're removing his PICC tomorrow!

Alexis is still on IVs but probably only for a week or so when she finishes medication.

Jackson is being moved to his open crib tomorrow and Zachary is possibly moving to an open crib tomorrow as well!

I was told this afternoon and confirmed it this evening that Jackson will be home in a matter of DAYS. I can't believe it! I am so excited but a little scared! One baby at home and 2 in the hospital...we'll see what that looks like!

I am going to go pass out now.