Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another good baby day

Hi Everyone!

Another late night update. Its a late night routine - pump & post!

Today, I got to hold both boys together for the first time. Of course, I didn't bring the camera. Brian is the one who always remembers the camera and he was at work. I was so bummed not to get a picture but I LOVED holding my big boy babies! Its so cool to hold them both and see them so close together. I was staring at their faces and trying to see the similarities and differences. I cant wait until I can hold ALL THREE together! Alexis will have her PICC line removed in about a week so maybe then.

The babies weights:

Alexis - 4lbs 8.3
Zachary - 5lbs 13.6
Jackson - 6lbs 4.7

They keep getting bigger!! I love it!

I got to give Jackson a bath tonight. It was so great! He seemed to enjoy it. I have really cute video of the bath but I didn't want to post a video of my baby's pee-pee on the internet. sorry. Here's a picture of him right after the bath:

I got to feed Alexis again today and she did really well. She burps REALLY loud. It's so funny :)
I don't have any pictures of her from today :(
But here's a picture from yesterday. Alexis is sleeping on daddy - so cute!

Zachary makes some of the cutest faces and we try to capture them but he is totally camera shy. Its like he KNOWS. Look at what we did capture of my cute Zachary:

Much Love,