Saturday, January 5, 2008


Dad here....

Some pictures and a few videos from yesterday...

Zachary being held by grandma

More Zachary loving his grandma

...and more Zachary

Mommy holding Alexis

Now for some video fun!

Our little babygirl crying. It is good seeing her acting like her old self.

Here is Jackson being weighed.

While I was holding Jackson last night he was working on a really big poop. It was pretty funny. I was able to capture a before and after video of him pooping. Unfortunately I did not have my camera in my hand when he finally pooped. Cindy actually heard "the poop" while she was holding Alexis. He has quickly earned a reputation in the NICU as having a stinky bottom....yup, that's my boy!

Here is Jackson trying to poop

And here he is after "the poop". It is almost like he is thinking about what he just did...maybe thinking "Did I really just crap my pants?" or "Man, I feel SOOOO much better!"