Friday, January 4, 2008

Thursday Night Update

Dad here.

Here's the latest scoop.

Cindy has come down with something. We are not sure if it is food poisoning or the flu. Either way she was not able to see our babies today which was very difficult for her.

She is doing MUCH better. It is a little hard for me to write that because last time we did she just got sick again. Anyway, she looks SOOOO much better!!! When I walked in I went straight to her incubator and she was SCREAMING! Woo hoo, my daughter seems to be getting slowly back to her old self, temper and all. Her color looked good, and and she was acting like she did before she ever got sick. Her white blood cells and platelets are both up (still low but improving). They have increased her feedings too! What great news! And to top it off she has gained weight. My little babygirl is now up to 4lbs .6 oz. I am so proud of her!!!

He is also doing much better. His coloring is good and pink. He too is acting like his old self. And just like sister he has gained weight. Zack now weighs 5lbs 3.8 oz.

He is still leading the pack. He was fed by bottle today by his physical therapist. She gave me all kinds of great information on the do's and don'ts and I am looking forward to the day when I get to feed my big boy. As far as weight, he has basically stayed still; he is still at 9.1 oz

OK...I know you are all waiting for more pictures. Well, wait no more!

Here is daddy soothing Alexis with her paci.

Happy Alexis! (I know, daddy is not the best photographer!)

Daddy admiring his little babygirl

Chubby Alexis

Zachary Sleeping

Jackson sleeping in Grandma's arms

Alexis with the hiccups: