Tuesday, January 29, 2008

its almost funny

So this morning I was all packed up to go to the NICU for the day and as I was out the door I realized that I did not have the truck keys. I had the car keys. But Brian had the car. And I left my truck keys in the car. So Brian had both sets of truck keys. I had the truck - no keys. Make sense? Have I confused you enough?
So I went back in the house and called Brian and he could not come home to bring me the truck keys until after work. Made some phone calls and could not get a hold of anyone to get a ride. Nobody answered their phones! Long story short...I am frustrated and at home waiting.
Lo and behold, my friend Sandy just called a few minutes ago and I explained the situation to her. She just so happens to be in the neighborhood of Brian's work and said she would pick up the truck keys from him and drive them to me so I can actually go see my babies and BRING JACKSON HOME! Thank God!
I am bummed that I have missed a couple of their feedings today because I am dingy and left the truck keys in the car (how the heck does that even happen??). And I am going to be spending most of the rest of the afternoon with Jackson's discharge stuff and learning how to administer Jackson's medicine and probably not a lot of time will be left over to snuggle the other 2 babies. She's almost here so I better go!

Much Love,