Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I should be asleep

Hi Everyone!

Jackson is coming home tomorrow (or should I say today since its WAY after midnight) - for real this time. Probably why I can't sleep - I'm so anxious!

Here are everyone's weights

Alexis - 5lbs 5oz
Zachary - 7lbs 6.8oz
Jackson - 8lbs 2.5oz

They're getting so big!!!

Some pics for you:
Zachary and Mommy All of us
Daddy and babies

Zachary mesmerized by Alexis
Mommy with Jackson
Whoah...what's that smell?!
Oh Jackson!!!
Hey Mommy...you got any milk?
Zachary looking cute

Alexis with her fluffy-top hair

I am so tired...I should try and sleep.

Much Love,