Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone-

Its late night and we just got back from the hospital.

Alexis looks a little better since they gave her more blood and platelets. She's got color back in her skin. She is still fighting though. Still lethargic. Alexis's night nurse encouraged me to hold her skin to skin tonight to comfort her and help her get better. It felt so nice to hold my tiny girl like this!:

Mr. Zachary looks a lot better today. His heartrate finally went back down to normal and he seems more like himself again. He weighs 4lbs 14 oz. Look at my handsome boy (not the best quality since taken with a camera phone):

Jackson is also improving and has gained even more weight. He is up to 5lbs 8oz. Super squishy cute!:

I can't wait until this NICU experience is over. I want them healthy and sturdy so I can bring them home and squish them! I love them SO MUCH.

Much Love,