Thursday, December 20, 2007

One weeks and 2 days

Hi Everyone!

Very quick post to give you an update.

-All three babies are off their "billy" lights as the jaundice has cleared up.

-Zachary and Jackson have their PICC lines in - I CRIED but I know its better in the long run so they don't get continuously poked with needles.

-Alexis has gained an ounce so she is back to her birthweight. Still a tiny peanut, but moving in the right direction. Also, she is on continuous feeding and still doing very well with mommy's milk. She has what they call an irritable nervous system and uses so many calories when she is stimulated. They're trying to limit her stimulation so that she can continue to grow. This is tough because we can't hold her as often as we want to because she is still so sensitive.

-Jackson is continuing to grow and improving every day. His personality is really coming out and we think he has a little temper. LOL! He is SO squishy and snuggly.

-Zachary's Echo came back and the ductus is still not closed but has improved. They are continuing the medication and hopefully by the end of the week, it will close up and the murmur will resolve itself. Please continue to pray!
He had to have a blood transfusion today :( since he's had so many tests. He looked better tonight, although I am anxious for him to hurry up and get better so he can start taking my milk and catch up with his brother and sister. He's such a sweet boy and he REALLY loves his daddy. He is totally soothed by Brian's voice. It is soooo cute!

I am doing better, pain-wise. However, I am having INTENSE swelling all over. Its especially noticeable in my hands, legs and face. My ankles are HUGE - thick as my calves. I've got CANKLES! I am more swolen than I ever was during pregnancy. Lantry says that its my hormones and that it will go away soon. But its difficult because it kinda hurts.
I've also got some real spurts of weepy weirdness. They are horrible. I won't go much into it, but I will say that I am really hoping my hormones level off soon so that I feel better. If not, I 'm going to have to talk to Lantry. I don't feel like myself during these spurts and I can't stand it when a wave comes.
Also, I feel like my skin is so loose - Like my insides want to spill over. Sounds gross, I know but its the strangest feeling. And very uncomfortable! Will this ever go away?!? :)

Many of you have asked if and when you can see/visit the babies. I hate to say it, but its gonna be a while for a couple a reasons. For one, the NICU is very strict about the list of folks coming in and out. This is to protect all the patients - there are some very sick babies in there and the NICU staff really tries to maintain an environment of privacy for the babies and their families. Just like an adult intensive care unit, visitors are very strictly limited. Also, it is RSV season and we have been advised to keep them isolated through the season (even after they come home) until Spring - through April. Premature babies are at a very high risk due to their less developed lungs as well as other factors. I'll talk more about RSV at another time to expand and give more info. Until then, we have decided to listen to the NICU doctors and keep the babies pretty much isolated, with the exception of grandparents and primary caregivers. They also want to limit their stimulation to keep their stress low so that they don't waste their calories.
This is a difficult thing, as I have learned, since people really want to see the babies right now. I know that some of you with preemies have made the same decision. Some may feel we are being overly cautious, But we (and our doctors) feel that we are making the best decision for our babies and it will be no time until we can have the babies meet everyone!

We've been so fortunate to have friends and neighbors drop off meals. This has made such a difference because the time we have at home is spent pumping, eating, trying to get some rest, and getting ready to go right back to the hospital. This has left us with little or no time for much else and those meals give us more time to be with our babies. Thank You!!

Thanks for your continued prayers - please keep them coming.
I'm off to pump and try to get some sleep.

Much Love,