Monday, December 17, 2007

Here they are!

Here are pictures of our babies!

Alexis Noel Spayth
December 11, 2007 - 5:50am
2 lbs 15.3oz
15 inches long

Miss Lexi is our tiny little peanut! She has dark hair and is such a pretty little girl. She is so strong and has the loudest voice in the NICU! They call her the feisty one - what a reputation to have already! She was way at the bottom of my belly, laying across my pelvis and holding her brothers in. She was laying so low that I was the only one that could feel her move. She usually got the hiccups at night and was very wiggly and punched with her arms and legs. She is the same way now! When my water broke, I was so afraid that she would come sliding out with the gushing fluid!

Zachary Isaiah Spayth
December 11, 2007 - 5:52am
4lbs 2.7oz
18 1/2 inches
Zachary was the most active in my belly and was the big kicker! He would kick so hard to my left side and my ribs that near the end of the pregnancy it would hurt! He took up most of my left side, which is why my belly looked so lopsided. He had the most room and seemed to dominate the belly space! He too got the hiccups a lot and it was so funny because you could actually see it towards the end. He is the long one and has huge hands and feet. His fingers and toes are so long too. He's got some peach fuzz on his head and looks so tall! This one looks most like Brian, so far. He's such a handsome boy!

Jackson Elijah Spayth
December 11, 2007 - 5:57am
4lbs 4.8oz
17 3/4 inches
Jackson is our big boy! He's got my chubby cheeks and he is such a squishy cuddly baby. He's got dark hair and we think he's already got my feet (poor thing!). In my belly, he was way up top on my right side. He would poke his butt out and you could actually see it from the outside. He likes to lay like that now - on his tummy with his butt inthe air. Its so stinking cute! He seemed to be the calmest in my belly and would just roll around. Although his brother is taller, he is heavier and I can't wait to see how much chubbier his cheeks will get!

Quick update on the babies:

Alexis continues to progress nicely. I cried a little today when I saw her PICC line, but I know its better than having IVs continuously moved around her little body. Its still so hard to see though. But I am grateful that they will not be poking her with needles anymore.
Zachary has made BIG improvements! He ended up not needing to be intubated and actually has been changed to breathing ROOM AIR! What an answer to prayer! However, after an echocardiogram they found that he has a heart murmur. They have put him on medication to close the ductus and he will have another echocardiogram to check the status on Wednesday. The hope is that with the medication, the ductus will close and everything will be normal. He's still getting his nutrition through his IV, which is tough since I want him to have the milk like his brother and sister. I know, however that it will come in time and he'll catch up quickly. We've been able to hold him twice now and he is definitely a cuddly boy!
Jackson has improved as well and no longer needs his bilirubin blanket as his jaundice has improved. We've also been able to hold him twice as well, which has been so wonderful! He still loves mommy's milk and does great digesting his feedings. I can't wait until we can move to bottle feeding them all! He is always trying to rip his monitors off of him but he calms down when we touch and hold him.
They all love our visits and it has been so wonderful to finally be able to hold all of our babies. It has been so soothing and therapeutic for both Brian an myself to sit with a cuddly baby. It just melts our hearts. I think these babies are melting my big burly husband. :)

Thanks for your continued prayers and positivity! Keep those prayers coming!