Monday, December 24, 2007

1 weeks 6 days - Christmas Eve

Its late Christmas Eve night and we are just back from the hospital. To update you...

Zachary responded well to the medication and the ductus is closed! The murmur will resolve itself and everything looks good with his heart. Alexis and Jackson both have heart murmurs as well, but the doctors are not concerned because theirs look like they will resolve themselves too.
Zachary has made good improvements and has graduated to eating my milk! He has also graduated to an incubator. They even removed his nasal canula for a while but decided to put him back on it since he was having too many O2 desaturations. Overall, he looks so much better. I am so proud of him for improving so much, so quickly.

Jackson is eating lots and gaining weight like crazy. He is up to 4lbs 13 oz! He's doing very well and will probably be too big for the 'going home' outfit I have for him. He'll be too big for preemie clothes by then! He is the one I worried about the most during my pregnancy because he is the one I felt move the least. Now, he seems to be so strong and ready for anything!

Miss Alexis has been doing well - she has gained weight and now weighs 3 lbs 5 oz. But, as we have learned from having babies in the NICU, things change quickly. Today she started acting different. She just wasn't herself. Her temperature was up and down and she seemed a little off. My little girl may have an infection. They did some blood tests and started her on antibiotics ASAP. She is usually fiesty but when they took her blood, she didn't even fuss. I knew something was wrong then. She usually screams! I just sat by her bed today and just cried. I couldn't help it. It feels so horrible to know my baby is sick and to not be able to hold her and comfort her. All I can do is pray and wait. I know she is in excellent care. I just worry and I don't want her to feel yucky. Its such an awful feeling to know that her tiny little body doesn't feel well. Please pray for my little girl to get better quickly.
Hopefully by tomorrow - Christmas Day- she will take a turn for the better. I'll be spending the day by her bed. I hope to have a good Christmas update for you!
Here are some recent pics:

Zachary sleeping
Zachary snuggling his pillow

Jackson holding his pacifier

Jackson sleeping

Little Alexis sleeping

Alexis snuggled up
Daddy holding Zachary

Holding 2 babies! As you can see the swelling is still pretty bad.