Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I am typing this with just a couple of fingers since my hands are cramped and numb.
Quick update...talked to dr office this morning and eveything seemed ok. BUT...nurse called back this afternoon to get more specific info about WHERE my nunbness is. When I told her the numbness was not just in my hands but all over my arms and legs and face she was concerned. Then she told me doctor wants me to go to L & D triage NOW for monitoring since the numbness is not just in my hands but all over. Concerned about my blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, insulin and other stuff...
I feel like a weird blood fullness - hard to explain. I am feeling really funny all over. Anyway, just packed a bag (just in case) and we're out the door now. Update coming as soon as we know anything. Please pray that I don't have any of the issues she may be afraid of. I hope I can come home tonight. Although, I am a little nervous b/c I really don't feel right.
I haven't really gotten a chance to read all of your comments and e-mails today but they're in my inbox and I can't wait to read them! Thanks!!!
Much Love,