Thursday, October 25, 2007

safe at home

We're home. I"m fine. I have a dr appt tomorrow/later today in the afternoon. I'll hopefully get some blood test results then. Other tests were good. No high BP (111/68). No protein in urine. Sugars slightly elevated but nothing to be concerned about - most likely seemed somewhat higher b/c I had just had some pasta (carbs=sugar) before going to the hospital.

Triage staff believed that this is just one of the trials of carrying multiples. Since they likely have ruled out pre-eclampsia and other scary possibilities, it was presumed that these weird symptoms are due to the crazy blood volume. The nurse said my blood volume is so much higher than a singleton pregnancy (I was told a while ago that the increase would be about 100%!) and this itself will cause the not-so-fun symptoms - I'll go more into those later. It is likely that at the doctor's appt, she will be putting me on much stricter bedrest from now on. If she doesn't, I think Brian will. :) I'll hopefully post in the evening and let you know more.
I'm hungry and exhausted. Thanks for your prayers. I'll do a real post soon.

Much Love,